Today was a teeny bit warmer, so I went with bare legs but still stuck with boots! The best part of this outfit was that I’m wearing not one but TWO vintage… um… slips?  I spent the day around the house; blogging, catching up on other blogs, researching the history of women’s undergarments… and I did a bit of sewing as well. Then tonight I taught a class (the Wrap Skirt) at Sewtropolis. After class I tried to have a bit of quality time with Mr. Bug, but our boorish basset hound thought we needed to spend more time rubbing her ears. Sigh.

purple half slip – gift from friend-Heather

white chemise – vintage, from B-Squad Vintage

white bow sweater – handmade, blogged here

argyle knee socks – Target – they were actual knee socks and come up pretty high on my thick calves!

boots – totally crazy find from Target – they are complete knockoffs of Frye harness boots, but they’re super comfy, all leather and were ELEVEN DOLLARS!! I think they were an online purchase return. Score!

belt – Torrid

cuffs – Avenue

necklace – gift from mom-bug

patty brower

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