I was NOT rocking the summer vibe  today! Red and green for Christmas, or, barring that, this is at LEAST a fall palette…. also, note the super pointy shoes circa 2003. I still love a pointy toed shoe!

tank: Target

cardi: New York and Co, from last summer

shoe: oh, dear. I think they’re Nine West??

skirt: handmade, not blogged

necklace: one of my Mighty Swell treasures!

Bonus post! And by ‘bonus’ I mean, oops, I never posted this!!

{7.21 | backwards day}

A day off from work, I was on a mission to get errands DONE!! I realized towards evening that I had spent most of the day wearing my shirt backwards. Including during this photoshoot…

shirt: handmade, blogged here

skirt & flips-that-Mr-Bug-hates: Target

patty brower

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