I think you will all be amused to know that I presented a variety of fabric choices to Mr. Bug for new cushions for our living room. He picked a yellow and white damask print that I had on hand and had made this circle skirt from. That’s right, folks. I will shortly have a matching outfit with my sofa. Twinsies!

tank | Old Navy. Approximately 310 years old and suitably stretched out. Probably more suited to use as a cleaning cloth than clothing. Nevertheless, I continue to wear it.
cardigan | Old Navy cashmere. This one is an XL petite – the sleeves are a bit short, but not so much that I was willing to pass up basic grey cashmere on super clearance! (available here)
skirt | handmade, blogged here
boots | Katie Step Up Comfort via Woman Within – real leather! Wide calved!
scarf | polka dot scarf, from Target, last year


patty brower

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