There are a bunch of awesome project management tools out there and from what I hear, each has great features. In the online business management world, Teamwork seems to be a favorite. When it comes down to it, what matters is what you’re comfortable with and what you’re clients/team are using.

My favorite project management software is Asana, which is free for less than 30 team members and 100% cloud-based. I tend to use the website version the most, although there are iPad/iPhone and Android apps as well. I haven’t used (or seen) the Android version, but the iPhone/iPad version is sort of like an Asana-to-go. You can use it to tick of to-do’s, but it’s harder to manage projects.

The one big downside to Asana is that you must be online to use it. That was annoying when I traveled a lot for business and was in the air with no wifi. These days I always  have a signal, so no problems!

Asana is really a super powered to-do list that allows for grouping into projects with some basic classic PM tools like gantt charts and the like. Here’s what I like.

  • Add topics, sub-topics and more (or… tasks/subtasks)
  • Use powerful filtering and sorting to focus on what’s important
  • Send comments, updates and new items straight to Asana via email
  • Use drag-and-drop to manage scheduling
  • Work in a gantt chart view for even more fine-tuned scheduling
  • Upload files, link to dropbox and easily tag/share links
  • Super easy setup!
  • Cost – free for teams less than 30 members. Packages for 30+ teams start at $25/month and include some additional admin functionality.
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