Happy Fall! Today is our first-ever Fall Festival here at the farm. We’re opening up the shop and marking everything 20% off (get ahead on that Christmas shopping!) plus there’s a bonfire, giveaways and our favorite… treats. 

We’re serving up caramel apple cider (oooo… more on that another day!) and tried a new way to make a traditional snack mix! This is packed full of salty and sweet and is way better than I even expected!

A word to the wary… if you’re over the pumpkin spice craze: try this anyway! If you try it and midway through the baking you suspect it’s going to be too strong: JUST WAIT!!

The snack mix DOES smell great while baking, but it’s a very, very spicy mix that had me a bit concerned. Not to worry, though. The end result is a perfect mix – not too heavy with the spice and flavoring and we loved our ratio of sweet to crunchy (although true candy fans might want to toss in a bit more of the good stuff!) 

This recipe will yield enough snack mix to fill a roasting pan — the black enamel type.

patty brower

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