Pecan Baked French Toast

Here’s another of our new favorite breakfasts we’ve been serving on the farm.  This style of breakfast is nice for mornings when we have a slightly larger group, so everything is done at the same time! We love this baked french toast because the bread is...

[recipe] Honey Balsamic Cantaloupe

Another of our favorite starters here at Northern Comfort! This is super simple, but a great way to dress up cantaloupe — whether you’re looking for something special or have a not-quite-sweet enough melon on your hands.  Ready for a stay at Northern...

[recipe] Quiche Lorraine

This is hands down, my personal favorite breakfast that Jeff makes! And it has a funny, first-time-innkeeper history… We serve our quiche without a traditional crust. In all honesty, that’s because we couldn’t make the crust! Last summer, when we...
patty brower

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