Limited 3 Snugbugs Studios Release Coming This Fall

Hello Snugbug fillies and friends! Things are hopping around the Three Snugbugs Studios way up here in the cold north! Like the Starks, we are well aware winter is coming and have challenged ourselves to welcome it with open arms and a limited line release just in...

{finished} The Lavender Lounge Duster

Greetings you sweater wearing minxes. This make might win the award for longest-held fabric. This sweater knit has been in my stash forever. A sort of dusty lavender in a maybe 6x6 commercial knit. I've never loved it I don't know why I bought it initially. Likely, I...

{finished} Tina Given’s Patricia Skirt and Tunic

Today I've got a few more entries for my Spring Sudoku Wardrobe Capsule, perfect for you sleepy orange kitty cats! This post is a two-for-one... and both of these pieces weren't in my original plan. Initially I knew I wanted to make my lime green linen into a cute,...

about patty

Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur living on the road with my husband and Peppermint the basset hound. Read the blog for tutorials, tricks and inspiration. Visit the online shop to check out our handcrafted soaps, candles, cool finds and more. Curious about our experiment in teeny-living? Then read more about #vanlife! Are you a business owner? I also work with indie retail and creative business owners to build beautiful social media platforms, websites and email marketing programs.




{10.5 & 10.6 | winding down }

As anyone near Minneapolis knows, we're having freakishly nice weather 'round here. I'm thrilled to have a few more days to wear dresses with no tights! Yay! {10.6} I can't remember who I saw doing the cardigan wrap, but I like the look and how it makes longer cardi's...

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{10.3 | hot autumn days}

This crazy fall weather is killing me! How does one dress for fall AND dress for 80-degree weather? It's a mystery. tank: Avenue? Last year? sweater: New York and co. skirt: handmade, not blogged. yet. necklace: vintage... bracelets: Avenue, last year-ish shoes: len...

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{9.26 | clever or got dressed in the dark?}

I couldn't decide all day long if I loved the pattern mixing going on today or if I looked like a crazy lady. It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but the dress is grey, black, white and purple; the sweater is grape and fuschia. I think it's a go... dress - Target,...

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The shoe fairy loves me.

Greetings all you sub-par tinkerbells. Today I just have a short tale of a retail MIRACLE!! Unlike the rest of blogland, I've only been half paying attention to the Missoni for Target hub-bub. I knew it was coming, in fact, I had a vague idea that it was here, thanks...

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Self Stitched September so far…

Greetings you furry legged newts. Do you guys get more fearful as Halloween approaches and the witches need your legs and tails to work on their witchy brews? Today's post is a CHEATER post, in that I've actually been taking AND editing daily outfit photos, but not...

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{9.6 | One last macaron…}

I'm barely eeking by with this outfit - it's CLEARLY a summer dress, but I made it 'transitional' with boots and a sweater. I'm not a fan of the word transitional. At least pertaining to clothing. Hmmmm... in any case, I'm trying to follow the wise advice of favorite...

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{9.2 | Summer’s last gasp}

It's oddly still summery and warm here, but I can read a calendar and know that that's going to change pretty fast, so I'm enjoying the white skirt weather while it's still appropriate! Plus, polka dots are a neutral, right? shirt: handmade, blogged here skirt:...

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{9.1) | Self-Stitched September kicks off!

September 1st is the kick off to a whole MONTH of wearing handmade clothes! In a structured, internet manner. With other people. And Flickr. For those not in the know, SSS is the brainchild of blogger-Zoe, restyler extroidinaire and nautical style afficianodo. Sewists...

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{8.29 | Island goodness. For fall.}

I always wear wood jewelery with this green dress and feel quite ready for an island retreat. Today I thought it would be a bit cooler, so I added boots and a jacket. That just made me feel confused. Also, while straightening my hair this morning I got a bit spooked...

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