Limited 3 Snugbugs Studios Release Coming This Fall

Hello Snugbug fillies and friends! Things are hopping around the Three Snugbugs Studios way up here in the cold north! Like the Starks, we are well aware winter is coming and have challenged ourselves to welcome it with open arms and a limited line release just in...

{finished} The Lavender Lounge Duster

Greetings you sweater wearing minxes. This make might win the award for longest-held fabric. This sweater knit has been in my stash forever. A sort of dusty lavender in a maybe 6x6 commercial knit. I've never loved it I don't know why I bought it initially. Likely, I...

{finished} Tina Given’s Patricia Skirt and Tunic

Today I've got a few more entries for my Spring Sudoku Wardrobe Capsule, perfect for you sleepy orange kitty cats! This post is a two-for-one... and both of these pieces weren't in my original plan. Initially I knew I wanted to make my lime green linen into a cute,...

about patty

Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur living on the road with my husband and Peppermint the basset hound. Read the blog for tutorials, tricks and inspiration. Visit the online shop to check out our handcrafted soaps, candles, cool finds and more. Curious about our experiment in teeny-living? Then read more about #vanlife! Are you a business owner? I also work with indie retail and creative business owners to build beautiful social media platforms, websites and email marketing programs.




{candy stripes!}

A glorious day in Minneapolis! I was off for the day and puttered around the house, sewed, took Lucy the hound for a walk and played in the garden. PS – I’m catching up on blog posts and realized that these Born shoes are in heavy rotation… apparently I need more!...

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{full circle and flowers}

This is a favorite skirt of mine! It’s wool and silk tweed with horsehair in the hem, so it’s super twirly! Mr. Bug and I headed over to the neighbor’s house for a grill-out. It was a bit chilly, so bare legs with a cozy skirt and a cardigan were just the ticket!...

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{I prefer a pencil}

This skirt is a sample I sewed up for a class. I really love pencil skirts! I think I might shorten this up a bit because the fabric’s a bit thin, but in the meantime, this was a great cheery outfit for a day at work! shirt: the store that shall not be named (walmart)...

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{cherry soda!}

One of my favorite fabric finds of the year! Cherry corduroy! I finally headed back to work today and it was a little chilly. I am wearing my denim jacket to death! I am starting to think about what other little jackets I’d like to add to the rotation… shirt:...

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A day off! I went on TWO walks with Lucy and did some other fun things. This is a super comfy outfit and I like it, even though it is basically me stretching some horizontal stripes over generous hips! Clever readers will also note that these are TOTALLY knockabout...

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{feeling a little stevie nicks}

I felt a bit witchy-slash-stevie-nicks in this outfit. I normally don’t have so much matierial wafting around while I walk! It was fun, though – and comfy!! I spent the day knocking about the house and then headed out to teach a class! shirt – Lane Bryant, a few years...

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Readers of my other blog, The Snug Bug, will know that I am not an adherent of the A-line skirt is universally flattering nonsense. I’m finding I like ‘em a bit more if they’re shorter and VERY triangular!! This skirt was almost tossed in the Arc bag – I’m glad I have...

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A beautiful day! Blog reading in the morning, then work, then home. I’ve been yearning for some leather strappy cuffs and thought they’d be perfect with this outfit, so I raided my trim stash this morning, added some snaps to some leather strips and voila! tank: Old...

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{another rainy day}

Another day at work. There were terrible storms in Minneapolis, including some pretty awful tornado damage in north Minneapolis. I just wore my rainboots to work – sometimes utility trumps fashion! tank: handmade, not blogged jeans: Lane Bryant, altered to fit gaping...

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