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An Adventure in Candlemaking

Whew!  So, I start all my posts out with Whew! Like I'm in a perennial state of recovery. Which is perhaps more apt than I'd like to admit. It's been a whirlwind for us over the last few months!  Top on our list has been diving in to the engrossing world of...

A New Adventure in Hospitality and Homesteading

Summer's here (or almost here in some places) and Jeff and I are getting ready to start the next grand adventure! At the end of June, we'll be heading north. Way, way north. In fact, we're heading all the way to the coldest place in the country. And I mean that in all...

{trash to treasure} Shabby Chic Lamp + Vintage Trimmed Shade

Hello lovlies! This week's project is not only fun & lovely, it's a joint venture between my mother and me! We took a fairly boring, run of the mill thrift shop lamp and fixed it (and it's sad, sad, shade) up into something lovely! Here's where we started: And here's...

about patty

Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur living on the road with my husband and Peppermint the basset hound. Read the blog for tutorials, tricks and inspiration. Visit the online shop to check out our handcrafted soaps, candles, cool finds and more. Curious about our experiment in teeny-living? Then read more about #vanlife! Are you a business owner? I also work with indie retail and creative business owners to build beautiful social media platforms, websites and email marketing programs.




Almost done…

Morning all! I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July - whether you were picnicking and fireworking or just regular, old Wednesday night-ing. I was so smug over the fact I managed to blog while on vacation (if one instagram photo can be considered blogging) that I...

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Plotting. Breakfast nook edition.

Morning rascally rabbits! I was going to do a mini sewing project last night JUST for those of you who are mourning my MIA sewing saga. Well, I was going to chop the skirt of a couple of maxi dresses because apparently moving to Texas has made me want to show off as...

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Fun with sandpaper. The second round.

SOOooooo.... Mr. Bug and I had big plans to spend our Memorial Day on nice, productive projects such as garage organizing and putting together our guest room. Those plans were DASHED last night when Mr. Bug found a super-deluxe dog house on a routine Lowe's trip....

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Jumping on the terrarium bandwagon.

Clever, eagle-eyed readers might have noticed an allusion to terrariums the other day when I showed off pics of my office. I'd intended to include more detailed photos of our entryway, including my new terrarium, in that post, but it got a little long and the pictures...

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And now for the home office…

I spent most of my free time yesterday evening driving to Dallas to pay for my newly acquired, new-to-me, small-sized SUV. Yes! I have wheels! WHERE'S THE FABRIC STORE?? Time not spent on the freeway was spent on nearby streets,  in an increasingly frustrating search...

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Sewing Studio Inspiration and Sneak Peek

It's finally here girls! One of this weekend's projects was to FINALLY undig my new sewing space enough to get it through stages 1 & 2 of unpacking (the just-get-it-in-there-and-organized stages) I still have many slipcovers, feet covers (keep reading) and table...

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Now for the pantry.

The unpacking and OCD organizing continues at Snug Bug Texas. I spent most of last night trying to get the sewing room in order, but earlier this week I was all about my pantry. Now... a word about my pantry, my house in general and the real estate market in Dallas....

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