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Hello Business Owner.

Curious about what I do and if it’s something you’re looking for?

First, let’s talk about you! Are you….

….a creative maker, designer or independent retailer? Do you run a heart-centered soloprenuer business?

….starting to sign clients and/or generate sales… but you know you’re not keeping up with the day to day, much less getting to the marketing stuff you KNOW would really boost your business?

If that sounds like you, then maybe a few of these resonate…

You have a stack of to-do lists and idea-lists EVERYWHERE…

The idea of writing your weekly newsletter makes you shut down and want to just go outside and play with your dog…

….and you’re still laughing over the concept of ‘weekly’ newsletter…

You know social media is important… you just don’t know which one is best for you. Plus every day you see another post about the algorithms in Facebook changing and a new update in Instagram. You don’t know where to start.

There’s a stack (or queue) of online and CD trainings about how to run your business better (write killer copy, double your list in a week, etc etc etc) that you’ve bought over the past year that you’re still meaning to get to… someday?

You know you’re missing opportunities for your business… and you don’t really see how that’s going to change in the near future….

Sound familiar? Great. You’re in the right place.

Here’s how we can work together.

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Cut the Overwhelm

Are you spending too much time working on tasks and projects that aren’t really your ‘thing’? Wish you had someone you could really talk to about your plans… someone who might have a few words of advice?  The Partner Package is meant to be super-flexible… we can work on {finally} getting your newsletter out, launching your blog, creating Leadpages, updating your WordPress website, creating print and digital marketing pieces like speaker sheets, freebie/lead gen offers, business cards, social media marketing, etc.

Get online

Ready to set up shop online? I’ll walk you through collecting all the good words and pretty pictures that you need to create a beautiful site that reflects your business. Once all is collected, I’ll build a starter website that includes a home, about, services, blog and contact page. Then we’ll go over how to do simple updates and you’ll be ready to open up ‘shop’ online. I’ve also got some super-cool add-ons to make your website start working for you!

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Let's figure it out

Are you crazy creative with a million different ideas? Do you have trouble figuring out what to focus on next? Wish you had someone you could just ask for a bit of help figuring out what to do next? With the co-conspirator package, you’ll spill what’s in your head and I’ll help you sort out an action plan to start getting things done.


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Let’s Be Friends

  • Being a part of a team 80%
  • Good design 62%
  • Return On Investment (ROI) 75%
  • Techie Geek Solutions 86%

Want to be part of a group of dedicated, smart business owners like you? Join us at the Indie Retail Collective, a totally free Facebook group all about accountability, technology, basics, sales and support. Click to join and then introduce yourself to the gang!

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