Fall is in the air. Well, not really. But it IS in my head, and I have plans to make a whole new wardrobe to bring in the new season!

Based loosely (ummmm, exactly) on the wardrobe contest running over at patternreview.com through the end of August, my wardrobe will consist of:

4 bottoms
4 tops
1 topper
1 Free Choice

(Full contest rueles can be viewed here!)

In addition to those items, the contest says that at least one item should follow a current ‘trend’. Luckily, my taste and current trends are nice and collidey right now, so I was able to pick from a variety of trends! Style-wise, I have a bunch of patterns with a vintagey, New Look vibe that I’ve really wanted to get to. Check! The 50’s silouette of nipped in waist and full skirt is back in and works for me (hello, Louis Vuitton Fall RTW!)

And to add a cherry on my fall wardrobe sundae, it just also HAPPENS that I’m recently in love with yellow. Yellow. A color which I have always despised, probably having something to do with the color of the bathroom in my childhood home. Yellow was for people with no taste, and leftover cans of paint. And  kindergarteners. But it totally crept up on my over the summer, first an awesome, mustard yellow cardigan with flowers on the yoke. Then an awesome pair of cork wedgies. Then I actually started to like the color of the bathroom walls in the house we bought 2 years ago and I’ve been meaning to paint. AND… as it turns out, yellow is the star of the Pantone fall color line. CHECK! Trend number two!

In addition to the items required for the contest, I’m adding in two additional items. First, there’s a jacket which I made earlier this spring, and liked so much, I went out to get some more of the fabric to make a matching skirt or dress. The jacket will go great with everything I’ve chosen for the fall wardrobe. Second, a little dress that will also be great, but wouldn’t quite fit in the parameters of the contest. I’ll probably use the fabric that matches the jacket!

So trends picked.

Now for the patterns (with swatches)…

And a closer look at fabric…
On to sewing! The contest runs through the end of August, and with the busy summer around here, I wasn’t  sure if I’d make the deadline, although I’ll definitely make all the items! I want to focus on refining my construction techniques and almost every single pattern will have to have pretty extensive adjustments made – at least all of the tops!
But I’m home now and ready to start!! Next up, project number one, Simplicity 2501. Maybe.

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