I spent a little too much time today trying to find something, ANYTHING, online that would support my extreme reluctance to cut a lining for my full circle skirt. It was cutting morning. Following my four muslins for Butterick 5333, I pulled out my nice piece of brown and black silk/wool blend to cut out the shirt and the skirt – McCalls 5811 – a true, full circle skirt.

I hate cutting out full circle skirts. I use my kitchen table for cutting and it’s not really big enough. I can never get the fabric under control and the weight of it skews the fabric. I don’t really have enough pins to attach the pattern. I get crabby.

I finished cutting the pieces and got ready to cut the lining. I wanted to line the skirt. The silk/wool blend is itchy. I have a dress with a full circle skirt and it’s lined and feels luxurious. It would be the right thing to do.

I laid the lining fabric on the table and started to cry. To reconsider. To grab anything close by to keep it from sliding off the table. I looked at the pattern piece lying in a big heap on the counter. I looked at the cutting layout on the pattern guide. I poured a cup of coffee and went into the living room to google.

First I tried ‘should I line a full circle skirt?’ I got a lot hits for vintage-themed websites. Not what I was looking for. I tried again with ‘do I HAVE to line my full circle skirt?’. I got a history lesson on poodle skirts and a few links to Gerties blog. I got some links to costume-making websites.

I clicked on one of them and saw the most wonderful thing! So simple! So do-able! Rather than awkwardly folding the fabric from selvedge to selvedge, dividing by two, folding in half again, cutting out a quarter the skirt, then flipping the pattern piece over to cut out another quarter (at least, that appeared to be what the pattern instructions said to do…) I could fold the fabric the long way (selvedge edges together), then fold in half again, then pin the fabric on ALL FOUR layers of fabric, cutting out everything at once!!

Once I cut along the outer and inner edges of the pattern piece, I’m left with one actual big circle with a hole in the middle – doesn’t work for easily getting on and off! And I need a zipper! You can sort of see here what I’m talking about…

I need to make one more cut – the pattern is designed to cut out one half of my full circle at a time. I refold (I just unfolded to take a photo!) and cut along the left side, according to the pattern directions.

There it is! It was SO much easier to cut this way, even with the extra photo-taking steps! And I did the right thing instead of the lazy thing. The skirt will be much more comfortable with a lining!

This fabric was around 58″ wide and the skirt will be just below knee length for me and the pattern just BARELY fit. In fact, I will have a bit of selvedge in the seam allowance in a few places. I’m not sure I’d cut this way for the actual skirt fabric, but it was perfect for the lining fabric!

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