So. I am RELATIVELY focused on the fall wardrobe project. I’d like to finish it… I’d even like to finish it on time. And I’m puttering away and think it still might happen (although the RTW option is increasingly looking better. I have the perfect white cardigan that goes with EVERYTHING…) But I have other plans too. Plans for dresses that I’d be making if I weren’t making what I’m making…

First up. While at the local anxiety inducing, cluttered, dirty, staffed with grouchy ladies, fabric warehouse, I came across this BEAUTIFUL piece of greenish, tealish wool blend. It’s nice and thin and drapey and it’s a color that I always think would look good on me, but don’t buy. It’s very, um, different from my usual palette of brown, black, cream, dark green… here it is with the lining that I found (on the roll – with RIBBONS tied on the end! The girl who cut that fabric was obviously new and not beaten down by the steady stream of blond middle aged women carrying a throw pillow and asking how much fabric do they need to recover their sofa…) I also picked up just a bit of funky brocade to do some nice hem facings and whatnot. And the perfect pair of cognac colored shoes that I never wear will go perfectly with the dress….

I’m thinking that this fabric will be great for Vogue 8648. I’m not sure if I’d rather do view F or view C – I’m leaning towards view F. I do love a full circle skirt!!
My other recent dress obsession is, not very surprisingly, a Joan Holloway inspired obsession. The red bow dress from this season’s second episode…
I can’t get over how awesome this shade of red looks on her! My hair is a similar color, so perhaps I would look good in that color too? Perhaps? Please, let it be so?? In addition, I’m loving the scoop neck, and, of course, the bows. The neck bow more than the bow in the back, though.
I’m thinking of adapting New Look 6808 which is actually a shirt pattern that I recently made. It has the collar, although I might want to lower it a bit, the sleeves and the bow. It doesn’t have a lower back, though, which I would like and am a little nervous about just going off and designing on my own as I’m sure I’ll end up with serious gaping issues.
For the bottom of the dress, I was thinking of extending the shirt pattern into an a-line (possibly beyond my drafting skills), using the bottom from the Vogue pattern I have for the green dress in either the straight or circle skirt versions (hmmmm…. do I want a midriff piece as well??) or using the bottom from the dress that’s part of Simplicity 2703 which has a nice a-line shape. Here’s the line drawing…
And of course, I’ll have to find the perfect fabric in the perfect shade of red! Lucky for me, I have lots of time to plot while finishing the fall wardrobe!!
Next up… back to the series of unflattering photos and fitting a shirt in 3 pieces!

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