Self-stitched September struck again, forcing me to try out a new pattern to save me from the drudgery of wearing yet another tank-top-and-barely-qualifying-RTW-jeans-with-darts or slightly-creepy-overdressy-for-being-at-home dress. I decided to try out Hotpatterns 1043, the Bo-Ho-De-Luxe Peasant Top. Behold, in all it’s difficult to photograph glory!


I bought this pattern a while ago, thinking it might be nice for casual, t-shirt-type material to make for hanging out and possibly for wearing under suits. I put off trying it out forever, finally goaded into it by SSS monotony. I made the shirt look a little different than it’s supposed to look, placing the drawstring lower down and shortening the hemline. Here’s the technical drawing from the pattern envelope.

[Hot Patterns 1043]

I’m torn on what I think of the shirt. It’s a little sloppy and unstructured for my taste, but I think the overall effect is pretty flattering, and it got two thumbs up from Mr. Bug. It was pretty annoying to make, but that’s more because I was using slippery, icky polyester chiffon that I had on hand as a possibility (against my objections) for my maid of honor’s dress. I definitely like that it doesn’t take much fabric (about a yard and a half). I have fabric on hand for another two shirts, so we’ll see.

Here’s the shirt with three different looks. I’ll call them staying at home to sew, business casual and interview suit. All pictures are hard to see, since the shirt fabric is black with tiny white dots and I’m pairing it with black everything, most of which is too big for me! But it gives an idea…

Also, as a bonus, here’s the ‘interview’ look without the jacket. I thought the proportions gave me freakishly long legs…
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