Got some better photos today of my new grey cords! These are the same as my beige cords which I reviewed more fully here on my blog and on I made a few changes on the grey version – I scooped out about a quarter inch where the fly is on the front pattern piece to remove a bit of extra fabric from the front. I also sewed the entire side seam with 1″ seams. The beige version had a 5/8″ seam allowance all the way up to the waistband, where I dipped in to a 1″ seam allowance. After sewing the side seams, I went back and starting at the top of the thigh/leg area, I angled the side seam so that I ended up removing about another half inch from the leg width, getting to about a 1.25″ seam allowance from knee to hem. Here’s the photo, not very exciting, but I love the color!

I took these photos after wearing for the day. The corduroy is 21 wale (I think) cotton from Hancock. It’s comfy fabric, but I’m not a huge fan of how baggy they got! When I first put on, they were snug enough that I was a little concerned about undie-lines! Obviously, you can see that it’s no longer a concern! What’s the solution to this problem? More expensive fabric or fabric with a little something stretchy in it (ugh, I HATE STRETCHY JEANS!!)??

So. For my new obsession. It’s Self-Stitched September-induced. And it’s shirts. The mix of trying to put together self-sewn outfits in cooler weather along with the rather eye-opening experience of taking so many photos of myself has me thinking about shirts. Here’s my ‘uniform’ in the winter. Wide legged trousers or jeans, a turtle neck (tank top or long sleeved, scoop neck t-shirt) and some sort of jacket or cardigan thing.

After the month of photos, I’m liking the look of shirts with a little waist definition…

I’m also wishing for a few more, you know, shirts. With sleeves. That I can wear in Minneapolis winters without having to wear a sweater over everything. I have one. 

[my lone self-stitched, long-sleeve shirt]

So I’m on a shirt pattern hunt. I want some I can wear all on their own when it’s cold out, some for under cardigans and I’d like to make some of my own cardigans!

While searching today, I was happy to find the Miss Moneypenny Coco Twinset still on the Hot Patterns website! I’d seen images of the pattern envelope, but for some reason I thought the pattern was discontinued (free shipping for one more day everyone!) I’ve been looking around for a good cardigan pattern – I’m partial to crew-neck cardigans that are shorter, and all the patterns for cardigans at the big 4 are large, long and v-necked.

[hello coco!]

Speaking of cardigans, I also need to step up my thrifting game to shamelessly copy Sunni, the cupcake goddess’s, excellent refashion of a man’s cashmere cardigan! Even though I’m a knitter, I like to knit socks! And I prefer super-tiny, drapey, machine-knit fabric for cardigans! I’ll stick to knitting my socks and the never-ending fisherman’s afghan.

Back to shirts. I’m feeling a little stuck on what kind of patterns to even look for! I think maybe I can eek out another shirt or two from the New Look 6808 bow shirt (my current lone shirt, mustard yellow, pictured above in its belted glory.) There are a few collar variations, and I could even do another bow collar, even though it’s so distinctive. I have some teal crepe on hand that I’m considering for that. And there are 3/4 length sleeves.

[New Look 6808]

While searching the Hot Patterns site, I came across this pattern envelope drawing for a skirt. I’m lusting over the shirt (with an ‘h’, not a ‘k’!)in the drawing (alas, no pattern). But with longer sleeves. (The skirt is the Croisette, if you’re lovin’ on the skirt!)

[I want that shirt!]

After a non-productive, eye-rolling-back-into-my-head search through all the shirt and blouse options at the big 4 sites, I realized that I already have a pattern with similar lines. From Hot Patterns. The Bo Ho  De-Luxe Peasant shirt!

[yes. I’ll take 3 more of you!]

 Of course, the Bo-Ho Peasant shirt has a bajillion gathers. And I want something in a knit that’s form fitting. But the 3/4 length version has the shaped neckband and raglan sleeves I want with the wide neckline. And I’ve already made two of the cap sleeve version, so I figure I can pinch out excess fabric on the already made versions and redraft from there! It’s worth a shot!

My search also reminded me of my super love for out of print Vogue wardrobe 2925 with its cute cap sleeve t-shirt and awesome jacket! There’s about 3 billion reviews on patternreview (ok, 39), so once again, I’m late to this party!

[Vogue 2925-OOP]

 Other than that, I’m just not feeling a lot of the shirt and blouse patterns I’ve seen! I occasionally look at the Sencha from Colette, but I’m not a fan of high, high necked blouses. And the buttons down the back! Argh! Once I make a Jenny skirt, I’ll see if I think I can pull off the high waisted skirt, tucked in blouse look (like Lazy Stitcher can!) The Sencha is so perfect for that!

[Sencha – Colette patterns]

 I still have Simplicity 2501 and 2601 cut out and ready for adjustments and muslining (that’s a verb, right?)

And I have Simplicity 2936, not cut out and I’m not sure how much I like how baggy it looks – although it has a needing to be tamed, longer sleeve option and I like the neckline!

And that’s it. I can’t think of anything else! Suggestions? Warm, cute shirts for a cold, Minneapolis winter? Vintage vibey? Suitable for a large bosomed, shortwaisted, narrow shouldered specimen such as myself**.

**Note to self. Stop googling ‘flattering styles large bust narrow shoulder’. Resulting conflicting rules and advice make me yearn for a tank-top-buying-trip to Old Navy…

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