This weekend was beautiful in sunny Minneapolis, with our recent cold snap breaking and a heat wave (ok, it was 75 at the most yesterday!) coming in just in time for a friend’s wedding at the most gorgeous spot in the universe, Camrose Hill Farm! I rushed through sewing up my outfit for the evening – Vogue 8648, a funky vintage vibe dress with a pencil or full circle skirt option.

[I’m wearing a pencily, sheathy dress!]

One of the most exciting parts of this project is that I decided at the last minute to muslin the dress in the pencil skirt view, to see what I thought of that. I’ve never liked the pencil skirt look on me, as the RTW skirts and dresses I’ve tried on either have the stuffed sausage look going on (not a good thing, not at all) or they are much too big in the waist and extremely wide through the hem area, which is a pretty frumpy look.

After making the muslin, I decided the pencil skirt look was working and went with this view. As a result, I have nearly two yards of the fabric – a greenish-blue wool crepe – left (60″ width!) that can be used for another project!! Since I’m job hunting now, I’ll hold on to it for a bit – I’d love a skirt in this color, but if I head back to office-land, I would be nice to have a little matching jacket to go with the dress.

Part of the reason I like this dress is that there are princess seams all the way to the hemline. Even though I added a lot of width to the hip area, I also pegged the skirt quite a bit. I started at the hipline and removed about one inch from the front and back princess seams and between two and three inches on the side seams.

[pegged skirt]
Since I was concerned about freezing at an outdoor wedding in the cool night air, I extended the short sleeves to bracelet length. I also sewed a piece of brocade to the end of the sleeve lining pieces so I can turn back the sleeves if I’d like and show off a little surprise fabric. I meant to face the hem with the same fabric, but ran out of time. I have enough for a jacket lining, so if I DO make a jacket, I can line at least the body of the jacket with this brocade! Yay!
[brocade “facing”]

I loved wearing this dress! It felt comfy, although it was pretty short when I sat down, which was a little awkward! I installed a back vent instead of the slit that the pattern instructions had. I followed the Cupcake Goddess’s tutorial and it went great, except I had some problems with my lining and fashion fabric not lining up very well.

So for the pictures! Here are the front, back and side views…

And here is the dress with a few different looks – umm… we’ll call them, work, play and what I wore to the wedding! Note the Anthropolgie-esque boots (total knock offs of the Steve Madden Roady boots) and the almost-frumpy-but-I-don’t-care-because-I-could-stand-in-grass-at-the-wedding-without-my-heels-abruptly-sinking-Mary-Janes!! Target has totally come through for me! 
For my review on, click here. The white jacket I wore to the wedding is Vogue 8623, which was the first project I ever sewed, drastically shortened yesterday morning at 7 a.m. to make it more flattering!

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