I’ve been keeping up my Self-Stitched September photos, posting them to the SSS Flickr pool, and some of them have made their way to my blog via finished project pictures, but I thought it was time to catch up from where I left off posting daily. Here’s days 10 through 16. We’ll start with day 16, since it’s an outfit that includes a number of items that normally don’t work that well for me… a full circle skirt (which I love, but flares right from my wide high hips, making me look larger than I appear in the mirror!), a long sweater (I swore off long sweaters in the Tom-Ford-lovin’-90’s. No extra fabric for THESE hips!!), and a wide-belt (a no-no for a large-busted short-waisted creature such as myself) covering up the whole hot mess. But I totally am loving the 70’s social worker vibe I’m rocking today!!

[day 16. social worker chic]

Working back in time… here’s the last week. A study in the declining state of the weather in Minneapolis!

[day 15. cords and denim]
[day 14. still warm enough for short sleeves and short pants]
[day 13. a summery frock. a trip to the ice cream stand.]
[day 12. hot weather. it seems so far in the past]
[day 11. the wedding day]
[day 10. note the lack of tall boots, turtleneck and knee-length sweater. same skirt as today, though!]

That’s all for now! Back to garage sale prep!

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