The day 3 outfit was a hangin’ out at home and doing errands and going to the doctor outfit. I’m not sure it was quite working for me – evidence that I clearly need to get to work on more hanging out at home and errands clothing and less having tea with the queen outfits.

New Look 6808… with boots?

Here’s the thing. I put on the jeans, which are meant for wearing with boots or rolling into a pedal pusher look (very straight legged, almost skinny jean territory). I went with boots on account of the crisp fall chill in the air. My go-to outfit in the fall is jeans, boots and one of my many, many, many ribbed black or grey turtlenecks. I thought I’d wear with a self-made jacket for the self-made requirement. But that seemed bulky. And hot. And black. And white dog fur attracting.

The only other self-made shirt options were either this or tank tops, so I went with this. New Look 6808. And my lounging sweater. This sweater was a $4.00 purchase from savers and it’s ratty and usually part of my pajama outfit in the morning when I’m staggering around making coffee and feeding the dog. But it seemed the right proportion and I liked wearing it. Add sweater coat to my to-do list. That won’t take long to knit at all…

Ah well. I got a few compliments. From my husband, who calls me mamabear (I know, sickening. He’s papabear and we usually call the dog babybear. And add ‘bear’ to all of our friends’ names… Cylebear, Danbear, Grammabear. It’s fairly ridiculous, but it’s how we roll…) Anyway, he was all like “mamabear! your shirt is SHINY! You look hot!” I think an adoring and compliment-filled husband is probably the best sewing accessory there is! I also got a compliment from my neighbor-who-sews. She spotted it as made-by-me. Probably because she knows about the Self-Made September shenanigans and figured I hadn’t made my jeans. I suspect the compliment was partially made as a cover while she tried to process the strangeness of my outfit…

And for a few more strangeness and self-made credits, here’s what I had on under my boots, not even trying to act like they were trying to match…

Hand-knitted wool socks. So comfy!

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