Spurred on by my increasingly obvious need for more casual clothing, I went shopping yesterday and picked up a couple of pieces of corduroy for the making of trousers and Jenny skirts. I spent the night puttering away and am quite happy with my first official** self-made trousers!!

**Ok, I’ve made pajama bottoms and trousers for my mom. My first non-elastic-waist trousers!!

So here’s my Day 4 outfit, self-made trousers, Old Navy (of course) tank, and New York and Co cardigan (and orange Rocket Dog wedding shoes!!)…

So when we last visited my trouser-fitting, I had finished the last muslin and was ready to start with the real thing! I pretty much made these exactly the same, except I sewed the entire side seam except the waistband with a 5/8″ seam instead of the 1″ seam that was part of the pattern piece. I just wanted them a little looser and I was so excited to get sewing, I didn’t pre-wash, so hopefully, these won’t be a one-time-only pair of pants!!

I used silk organza as the interfacing and liked working with it! I’ll have to stock up on more of this – I have about 4 yards of a dark brown right now, so that should get me through a few projects. I skipped the pockets because I don’t like the way they gap on most pants. I always think of dear Michael Kors, stating that ‘every woman he knows sews their trouser pockets shut’ on the first or second season or project runway? Really? I’m surprised that all of his female friends can sew!

Since these were meant for casual wear, made under a deadline and only one step up from a wearable muslin, I only did minimal finishing. I pinked the seam allowances and I hemmed by finishing off the raw edge with a zig zag and turning up topstitching about 2″ from the hemline. I also topstitched the waistband facing instead of understitching – partially because I HATE when the facing peeks out and also because I wanted a slightly more casual feel and for the hem treatment to look intentional.

There are still a few fit issues – I think there’s a little too much fabric in the front of the trousers. There’s an excellent series of tutorials on fashion-incubator.com covering fit issues that helped me fine tune the pattern, but I could do a little more in that area. Also, the back is just a little baggy near the top of the thighs. And I still have that strange fold on the top left thigh that is connected to the zipper in some way.

Here’s the final trouser-collage! What a terrible series of photos!

Yay for trousers! I’m excited to make some more. As much as I love sewing dresses, trousers are much more practical for my Minnesota lifestyle – at least, for nine months of the year. I have some great lightweight wool, and another piece of rust corduroy that was intended for a Jenny skirt, but perhaps will be made into another pair of trousers.
I have a full review over at patternreview.com with more detail regarding the construction of these trousers and notes on the pattern.
Here’s a recap of all the posts in my ‘trouser-fitting’ series:

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