Yesterday was yet another day of sewing and errand running. Self-Stitched September earned its keep, forcing me to finally hem a so-so skirt I started months ago. Here’s what I wore:

Day nine

This skirt is the self stitched part and is made from Butterick 4877, a pattern that is out of print. I saw a couple versions on and liked so much I had to get it, even at the eye-gouging full price of OOP patterns from the Butterick website.

Self-stitched September, again, gave me a shot in the arm – this skirt has been an UFO for months. It was technically a ‘wearable muslin’. An oxymoronic concept which I have abandoned, since I kept ending up with muslins that I reluctant to mark up and resew and finished garments without the quality I like. In any case, I didn’t love the fit of this skirt, hadn’t finished the edges of the waistband facing and more importantly, hadn’t hemmed.

Yesterday morning I just couldn’t bear the thought of skating by another day on a self-stitched tank top, so I pulled out the skirt and finished it up. It’s made from a dark, fairly stretchy denim and while I probably could take the skirt in quite a bit from waist to hemline, it turned out to be a nice skirt for a casual day at home! And it was the first thing Mr. Bug commented on when he got home**. Direct quote “I like the tube you’re wearing!” His fashion vocabulary clearly needs a little work!

**I feel so decadent, I’m usually still in my jammies, trying to finish my first cup of coffee when he heads out to work, so he doesn’t see what I’m wearing until he gets home!

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