Catch up time! I’ve been busy putting my new sewing corner in order, so this’ll be a quickie! It occurred to me that I haven’t updated my Self-Stitched September pictures since last Friday! It’s been a very boring week… I don’t even have pictures from Friday (although I went to the theater in the green dress from the 11th… I resewed the hip curve a bit, got a lot of compliments from ladies in the restroom!) So again, we’ll start with today and work our way backwards!

[Day 24 – skirt and shirt self-stitched, boots, tights, sweater and tank RTW]

[Day 23 – shirt self-stitched, jeans self-tailored, boots self-fixed with duct tape]
[Day 22 – shirt and skirt self stitched. Love this outfit!!]
[Day 21 – forgot to take photo day! Shirt self-stitched, jeans self-tailored, tissue self-pinned]
[Day 20 – shirt, skirt self-stitched. tights, tank boots RTW. Obviously loved this outfit, reworn on the 24th!!]

Caught up! What will I do when SSS is over??

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