With a small tear in my eye, I present the final Lady Grey post. It seems I’ve been working on this coat for three years. It also seems that way to Mr. Bug, who is eagerly looking forward to his very own coat. After the jump, check out the Lady Grey coat served three ways. And a collection of my Lady Grey links. But first, here’s a shot of the coat in action…

So after everyone weighed in, I was forced to agree. The tie version of the belt worked the best for me. I really loved the bow. It was adorable, but not the best look. I also liked the buckle a lot, but upon testing it out, it was annoying when I was sitting down. So tie it is! And thanks to Tanit-Isis for reminding me that a higher waistband is better. Luckily, I hadn’t attached the belt loops, so I scooted their placement up as high as I could get them.

Final analysis, I love the coat. I wasn’t sure about the wide neckline in our cold, cold weather, but we have scarves here in Minnesota. I’m not sure how much I’ll get to wear it yet this fall, but come spring…

Here’s my three looks – There’s dog-walking chic (with tousled hair), Patty goes to the office and ladies who brunch (and look! it even looks nice worn open!)


A motley collection of Lady Grey posts


And with that, I’ll say goodby to the Lady Grey. And hello to my next coat, Burda 7780. Sewing for Mr. Bug!

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