While I’m loving Gertie’s sewalong, I’m feeling the chill in the air and am hoping to jump ahead on my jacket construction this weekend. This probably won’t happen, but after my whiney comments on Gertie’s post this morning (“Geeerrtttttiiiieeeee… what do I do with facings?) and her gracious reply, I’ve made a to-do list to follow using my brain, the tailoring book and Gertie hints! Here’s what’s next.

  1. Insert shoulder stays (twill tape)
  2. Press and catch stitch side and back seams
  3. Insert sleeves (use Gertie’s method)
  4. Insert sleeveheads
  5. Insert shoulder pads, if needed
  6. True up my wonky hem
  7. Interface hem on back of coat
  8. Tailor the undercollar (use custom method for the notched collar in the tailoring book)
  9. Attach undercollar
  10. Interface, assemble and attach facing and collar
  11. Tailor hem
  12. Decide on interior iPod pocket. Construct using plain patch pocket or welt pocket instructions in tailoring book.
  13. Insert lining (use machine method in tailoring book)
  14. Cover and attach snaps
  15. Belt loops
  16. Order belt (oops! move that to the #1 spot!)

More coffee… is that carpal tunnel I feel?

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