So I put a sweater on and artfully exposed one shoulder to show the elastic spaghetti strap of my self drafted cami (with matching PJ bottoms.) I can report after a night of sleep that swimwear material is very comfy to sleep in and not the cause of night-sweats that I feared! pjs
The PJ bottoms are flannel-backed satin. I like to use now out-of-print Burda 8143 for my PJ bottoms. The shape of these is more flattering and comfy** than traditional straight-legged PJ bottoms. I made these a bit longer than I like, though. Here’s the technical drawing of these pants.

**It is possible that traditional straight-legged pj bottoms would be just as comfy with 10” of ease around the hips! Not as flattering, though.

One pair of PJs down, I have another piece of hot pink and white polka dotted charmeuse ready for cutting for my second pair, although today is to be spent doing errands, packing snacks for tonight’s baseball game (go Twins!) and working on my Lady Grey muslin, which is hanging exactly where it’s been for the last week!

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