Here’s a sneak peek at boring project week projects #2 and #3. A new set of P.J.’s for me! I just finished them a bit ago so no boudoir shots (bad late night light)! In fact, there may not be any boudoir shots if I can’t figure out a reasonable way to model the very snug shirt for internet distribution. I love seeing finished projects on real, live people and usually feel cheated when the finished projects are on hangers or dress forms. So I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. In the meantime…


[new pink and polka dot jammies!]

For this project I wanted some good flannel-backed satin PJ bottoms. Score! Hot pink! No freezing when the basset hound makes me go outside at 5 in the morning! I also am trying to re-create my favorite type of shirt for sleeping – a super supportive, very stretchy camisole.

I found the pink and white cami material at Joann’s. The print is swimwear material, but it’s the perfect fabric – sort of slippery, thick and stretchy. I checked out the fiber content of the pink and white material and compared to my Target (as in purchased at a Target store) camis. They’re both around 85% nylon and the rest spandex. Which doesn’t seem like it should be a comfy mix of fibers to sleep in.

So about knits. I haven’t sewed much with knits. A few tank tops this summer and the birthday jammies for Dan had a shirt that was made of sweatshirt fleece. I picked up New Look 6950 along with the hot pink satin and the swimwear material – the cami looked promising, and the raglan shirt is exactly what I was looking for last week**. Once I got home I started examining the measurements on the pattern envelope, comparing to my measurements and to the flat measurements of one of my Target cami’s. I googled a variety of disjointed phrases (i.e. “negative ease sleepwear elastic”) and found a pretty interesting (although oddly toned) site, Pattern School, with a load of technical information on sewing swimwear and dancewear.

**The raglan shirt looks perfect, but the reviews on pattern review aren’t so promising. And my experience with knits won’t provide a lot of help. Grr.

I ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth it to cut the New Look pattern. The photos I looked at on showed the fit of the shirt as pretty generous – not what I needed for my sleeping cami! I thought a lot about the percentage of stretch my fabric had. About my bust size. About what 12% of my bust size is. Whether or not my wimpy shoulders would matter in a cami. I finally just laid my Target-cami over my PJ material and used a clear ruler to cut around the sides, then I tucked in the straps, followed the line of the front pattern piece and then did the same for the back piece. Of course, I forgot to add seam allowances.

I also picked up some stretch 3/8” elastic lace (meant for lingerie and underoos!) and used that to finish the top edges and make little spaghetti straps. It worked amazingly well! I sewed on with hot-pink contrast thread and a zig zag stitch (2.5mm wide, 2.0mm long). I went off track a bit and had to start over which is why there’s the little ribbon and flower decoration to cover the stitching mess. Well, that and I like ribbons and flowers! The flowers are from a vintage snood! I left the bottom hem unfinished. I like how it’s smooth and comfy, so I’ll see how it wears. I might pick up some more of the elastic lace to add to the bottom – I only bought 2 yards and used that up on the top edge and the spaghetti straps.

So I’ll see how it feels in the morning, sleeping in a swimsuit! Three boring-week projects down!

Boring project week!

  1. Apron
  2. PJ bottoms
  3. PJ cami
  4. PJ bottoms
  5. Winter coat reline

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