This giveaway is now closed! Thanks for playing, another coming soon!!
I recently posted my vintage-style full-circle skirt apron that was a hack of Vintage Vogue 2902. The fabric used to make that apron was procured from Sewtropolis, so we thought it would be a fitting to give away some lovely Sewtropolis fabric (and a pattern) to make an apron of your very own!
Here’s the fabric, isn’t it lovely? The rick-rack is included! You all know how I love polka dots and giant rick-rack…giveaway2

What’s in the give-away…

-Your choice Butterick 4087 (sizes S-XL) or Vogue 2902 (sizes 18-22). The Butterick pattern is a 50’s apron repro(look at that cute full length version!) The Vogue pattern is the dress pattern I used to make my full-circle version. If you go this route, there will be some hacking to do, but I provided some instruction in my post…
-2.5 yards black and white print – enough to make either option!
-1 yard orange and white polka dot – good for using for lining the bodice, straps, pockets… lots to play with!
-3 yards giant green rick rack. I mean, c’mon. The possibilities are endless…

How to enter

  • For one bite at the apple, become a fan of Nikol’s facebook page, Sewtropolis (Bonus, she posts new fabrics in her Etsy shop and better yet, SALE fabrics, here!)
  • For another bite at the apple, become a fan of MY facebook page!
  • If you don’t use facebook you can choose to follow this blog and the Sewtropolis blog to get your bites of apple.
  • Leave a note in the comments. Let me know what you did. If you are the rare person who is already a follower of both blogs and fans of both facebook pages, let me know that too! Rick-rack related comments will be extra-appreciated. Make sure there’s a way I can contact you – whether linked to your blog or email.

How long you have to prepare yourself for potential free rick rack.

  • Get ready, get set… ok, now enter!
  • You have until next Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 to enter. Don’t get distracted by last-minute Halloween sewing and forget!
  • I will choose the winner at random. I will carefully account for all enthusiastic entries. I will admit my accountant husband is very interested in this part of the giveaway and will likely take control of the spreadsheet at some point.
  • International readers are welcome to participate. I may cry a bit on the way to the post office, but you are still welcome. Have you considered moving to Minneapolis?
  • I will announce the winner on the 28th! I suggest you all work on your acceptance speeches. And your red carpet dresses.
  • I will also notify the winner on the 28th, which will be redundant, because you all will be anxiously hitting refresh on your computers all day and will know as soon as it hits the interwebs. But I like to be thorough.

Thanks again to Nikol for the lovely store, post, fabric, and did I mention that she often brings her DOG TO WORK?? Now that is a dream job. Unless she also brought her (future-)goat… Now, if you haven’t already read the Dream Jobs post where Nikol shares what it’s like to open up a sewing shop, go do so.
That’s it. May you all daydream of polka dots and rickrack.

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