So folkses. I’ve actually had this sweater in my possession (unhemmed, of course) since a few days after the terrible event that I still can’t talk about without tearing up. Freaking amazon hipster stealing the win from Mondo, he of the kneesocks and tapdancing… It took me forever to finish the skirt (and hem the sweater.) So here’s a quick little unveling of my Mondo tribute outfit… First, me winning a staring contest with Lucy the hound.

The sweater is made from my modified Hot Patterns Weekender Cabana t-shirt pattern (served up with a bow here!) This was my first serger project, and let’s just say I was THIS CLOSE to going with a flashdance- inspired neckline. Also, I’m happy to report that I still possess all of my fingers and most of my hair, despite the nefarious serger’s best efforts to rob me of both. The sweater is made from a very squeaky acrylic sweater knit that I got from Joann’s. Not the nicest fabric I’ve ever touched, but polka dotted sweater knit. How could I pass it up?

The skirt is made from a crazy loosely woven purple/grey/black woven. I lined with hot pink Ambiance. I was recently overcome with giddiness, having found a local source for every single color of Ambiance under the sun as well as hair canvas! The skirt fabric is ridiculous. I serged the edges, stabilized with twill tape, zig-zagged extra, treated with general loving kindness and was repaid with an unraveling mess. I have serious concerns that the skirt will fall apart upon it’s first trip out of the house. Live and learn…

The skirt pattern is another Franken-Jenny – the skirt pattern is from Vogue 8648, a dress pattern, with the waistband from the Burda Jenny pattern. The skirt displays some of the tricks I’ve found to make a pencil skirt work, no pockets (obvs), very high waistband that creates an hourglass shape, very textures fabric to hide various lumps and bumps and a lining to make everything slide around nicely. I would have liked to remove a bit more width from the hem (i.e. pegging) – I skipped that due to the raveling issue. The princess seams were holding it together so I didn’t want to mess with a good thing. Now that I see the photos, I am thinking I might hem it a bit shorter…

Here’s the side/back/front views – Mr. Bug and I tried another photo session, it was still pretty weird. Also, have I mentioned how much I hate the lack of light?
mondo-side  mondo-back  mondo-front

And why is this a Mondo tribute outfit? Well, thanks to and the Heidi K., I can show you…


Because I have a more than normal dose of self confidence, of course I like my version better. Followed by the Mondo original (those shoulders! the cuffs!) Heidi’s version, not so much. The lack of sleeves bums me out!

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