Back to my guessing game… Laurwyn, Karen, LAP and Tanit-Isis all get gold stars. Tasia gets TWO stars. Crepe is definitely in my future! And possibly Cinnamon as well. And yes, I was SUPER excited to see Gertie announce her Crepe sewalong.

Muslin accomplished, looks sort of nice as a shirt, doesn’t it??

The plan is to use the print for the dress and the pink satin for the sash. I was thinking of using the satin to line the dress, but the double gauze is so wonderful and squishy that I may skip the lining. And here’s where Tasia’s second star comes in – a pink satin Cinnamon to wear underneath for modesty and winter-wear with tights and a cardigan (don’t you hate when your skirt sticks to your tights?) And then, in the summer, when I care less about modesty and more about air conditioning, I can ditch the slip. I’m feeling very clever. Here’s reminder of what the fabric looks like.

I cut a straight size 18 and the fit is pretty good. I’ll probably take a tiny tuck in the center front and rotate that to the darts. Also, the dart points on the vertical darts are a bit too close to my bust apex, so I may drop them a bit. Or not.

Here’s a view from the back. I never thought I’d like a wrap dress, but I really like how this one wraps in the back instead of the front. There’s a hole in the side seam on one side for the tie to pass through – very clever! Also, I thought it was pretty funny that Lucy the hound is also modeling her hind end.

I love this dress! I can’t wait to finish it. It’s flattering, it’s comfy, and I like the whole wrap-thing and the cinched waist. Also, it was SUPER EASY to sew. Granted, it was just a muslin, but it took me about a half an hour to sew. Everyone who’s considering doing Gertie’s sewalong should do it. DO IT. There’s my vote.

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