Well, at least this week! I finished my Crepe and am completely in love with it. Most exciting is that this is a straight-from-the box pattern – I did zero pattern alterations. I didn’t even drop the vertical dart point like I thought I would. I wanted to see how it went making the dress exactly as drafted. I probably will make a few changes for the next version, but I’m very, very happy with this version.

The dress is super comfy and feels nice and secure – I was a little concerned that I’d feel like the wrap would unwrap, but I can’t even tell it’s a wrap dress while wearing it!

What I’d do different if I had to do it all over again…

The changes that I will make for future patterns are all in the shoulder and chest area – it’s a little too roomy in the shoulders and gaping on the neckline. It’s not too bad, just something that could be altered a bit. I took this photo to show off my fancy top stitching (see it? arms? neckline? on the sash??), but you can see how it’s pretty loose though the shoulders.

Oh, yeah, THAT’S why I hate facings…

The hardest part of the dress was dealing with the facings. There is a front and back facing and the sleeve facings. The sleeve facings in particular were difficult for me – partially because I used the pink satin which is a little heavier than the double-gauze print. The facings were flapping around like a little pair of butterfly wings. They’re a strange shape – sort of like an ‘S’. I ended up catch-stitching the facings down completely to the inner layer of the double gauze. Future versions will either be lined (BTW  – I can’t think of any reason this wouldn’t be a reversible dress if fully lined…) or I’ll finish with bias tape.

Vines, vines all over the place…

I ended up doing a LOT of topstitching on the dress – some in an attempt to get the facings under control, but also the sides of the skirt need to be hemmed as well as the bottom. I wanted to do something a little funky and resisted trimming with black and white polka dot grosgrain… Instead, I used variegated thread to stitch vines. {finally! using something other than the straight stitch and zig zag on my machine!} The effect is subtle – the colors vary from light to deep pink. I did some on the facings – as you can see above (don’t you love inside, secret details?)…

Some on the neckline and the sash…

All along the back…

I even did a little when I was putting in my label. You can also see in this photo the little hole in the sideseam for the sash to pass through.

Mugshots. Suspect wanted for making super cute dress. And other details.

I just love this dress! It has pockets set in the side seam – sort of a pain to put in as I used french seam finishing on all the seams, but I got it to work. The print fabric is so wonderful – a double gauze Japanese import. With squirrels (Echino Bird and Berry from the Chelsea line for anyone dying for squirrel fabric.) The satin is super light weight and an iridescent pinkish-grey. For my patternreview.com thoughts, where I will attempt to stick to the facts and tone down the unfettered self-congratulatory air, click here.

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