Anyone who avidly reads my blog posts and sporadic comments on other blogs will know that I have a reluctance to assemble my Burda Jenny pattern that borders on pathological (even with excellent suggestions of paper cutters!) So I did the laziest thing possible. I cut out the waistband from the Jenny pattern and made a a franken-Jenny out of the skirt portion of Vogue 8648 (my green wool dress). Not content with going against every single wardrobe recommendation ever printed, I decided my high-waisted pencil skirt would only do in a creamy white, super nubby mystery fabric. Behold!

The main difference between the real Jenny and this skirt is that the shaping comes from princess lines rather than Jenny’s darts. My dart-sewing skill leaves something to be desired, and even if I was the most excellent dart-sewer in the universe, I’m not sure that darts provide enough opportunity to make a pencil skirt that skims over my various lumps and bumps and stays on the right side of frumpy.

The waist band for the Jenny skirt is shaped slightly concave, so that the top and bottom of the waistband are the same length, and the center of the waistband is slightly smaller. I cut the waistband as drafted, but ended up taking in the top of the waistband significantly, which makes sense, since my ribcage is smaller than my waist. Hello Weeble. My name is pear…

I added a vent using The Cupcake Goddess tutorial for adding a vent to a skirt and lining. There’s something up with the vent, though. I’m starting to suspect that I cut the lining backwards and sewed it in anyway. I’ll have to investigate further. I know it seems like that’s something that should be easy to figure out, but seriously, vents and linings are slightly less confusing than subjugating verbs was in college Latin classes. What’s a gerund again?

Last tidbit – the fabric is a cotton blend and came from the upholstery section. I lined with rayon (oooo!!! silky!) and finished the lining hem with some bright orange hem lace. The zipper is just centered in the back and I put in by hand. My favorite way!

I will leave you with a bunch of photos. Belt, no belt. Boots, pumps. Cardigans, long shirts, tucked in shirts…

I love seeing pictures of finished garments! I’m not sure which version is my favorite. What’s your vote?

Also, I really AM TRYING to get away from mirror pictures, but I can’t get my camera (a Canon Powershot)to focus when I have it on self-timer (usually I focus by pressing the button down half way,) and when Mr. Bug takes photos of me, it’s as awkward for both of us as a junior high date. Advice, anyone?

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