Alrighty… earlier this week I groused about the early sunsets cramping my picture taking style and I may have mentioned something about low light, home-made movies… just wait ‘till after the jump…

I made my second pair of bloomers – these ones are actually meant for me to wear! I altered the pattern a bit and sewed this version up in a knit (BTW… bloomers work well in knits, too!) The fabric is from the same Oliver + S line that I used for the pink ones… just yellow and stretchy!

I raised the waistband about 4” by slashing horizontally right above the hip notches and adding some wax paper (marked in pink below.) I also graded the pattern up horizontally by about 3” total by adding .75” to each pattern piece (marked in green below.) A note on the pattern sizing – my hips and waist are about 3” larger than the Colette size 18 measurements. BUT the pattern printed out a little on the small side – the test patch was 3.75 x 3.75”, not 4 x 4” like it should have been. So for anyone working through the pattern alterations in their head, I hope that’s helpful.

The pattern pieces are totally rocking the granny-panties look, no? The extra length on the waist looks a little ridiculous, but what with the idiosyncrasies of the human body, the finished garment looks just the way I wanted it to look! Here’ is a heavily Photoshopped shot – enough vintage lighting and I will look like a supermodel, right?

Mini-bloomers… the final analysis…

  1. Serging is your friend
  2. They are SUPER low cut, so if you’re like me, a few inches to the waistline might make ‘em more comfy for you!
  3. Mini-bloomers in knits are EXTRA comfy!
  4. Be sure to measure your test square!
  5. To make it extra easy, edge finish the leg openings and waistband BEFORE sewing the sides together – always easier to sew flat!

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