I’m back! Mr. Bug and I got new laptops (matching!) on Wednesday night, and the great computer migration not only was a much bigger project than I remembered from last time, but I was inspired to update the look of my blog and finally set up my new domain that I bought ages ago (don’t worry, the old link still works too.) Also, check out the view of our back yard from this morning! Holy snow batman!

a new look

The new blog theme was an adventure in technology. I will spare you the details except to say thank god for Google Translate! The template designer speaks Spanish. I do not. If it wasn’t for the magic of  technology, the cool menu bar at the top would be non-functioning with a ‘Twiter’ spelled wrong… The theme I used is Evidens. For anyone interested, it’s a Blogger template (there’s a WordPress version too) and I had to do a bit of tweaking in code to get it to work – customizing the jump break formatting, making the menus work, fussing with the spacing between posts, etc. I hope you all like it, and if something doesn’t work, please drop me an email and let me know! Especially those using not-Windows 7 and not-Internet explorer 8! I did notice that some of the old posts are wonky, I’ll fix over time, I suppose… also, check out the new about page for scintillating details regarding the 3 Bugs!

a new home

The domain of my blog is now officially www.pattythesnugbug.com!! I don’t have any immediate plans to move from the Blogger platform, so my old blogspot address (and any subscriptions and bookmarks) should continue to work for now. Again, drop me a note if you have problems.

some new projects

It hasn’t been all techie, all the time around here. Oh no, I have been a very productive bug. As they say. Work on the beignet and the pencil skirt posts continue – I cut the wool today, so should have some good posts in the next week on that. Thanks to everyone chiming in, and keep it coming. I’m a small ribcage, slightly bigger waist, BOOM HIPS!!, then from the top of the legs down, things get smaller. So all you larger waist, smaller hips and flat booties… you words of wisdom are welcome! I’ve also been doing some semi-utilitarian sewing that doesn’t feel utilitarian because the fabric is so awesome. Here’s a peek of projects. As usual, guesses as to what I’m up to are FUN!! And inspirational!! So guess away!!

I’m glad to be back! It feels like a whole new world – a new job, new computer, new blog… whew! Exciting things coming up, including a dream jobs post you will NOT want to miss! Here’s a hint, it’ll make you crave some tasty pastries!!

In closing, more snow. And some very busy bears. I just cannot get over the snow we got today. Clever observers will note that Dan is clearly shoveling and overseeing Lucy. I’m just wandering around taking pictures of snow. What an awesome man he is!!

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