patternAlright kittens! And chickens! And duck billed platypuses (dude! platypuses is in the SPELL CHECK!!). In honor of all the Colette love going on (in my head, in my sewing room, over at Gertie’s blog) I’ll do a giveaway. I’ll even do a wide open one…

Who can enter the giveaway.

Again, I’ll open this up all international style.

What you can win.

A Colette pattern. Any pattern of your choice.


When to enter.

Get your entry in by Friday, November 18th, 2010,  for a Saturday announcement! I know this is enough to make your head explode, dear fellow U.S.icans. Harry Potter and a free Colette pattern in the same day…

How to enter.

1. Follow this blog!

2. Leave a comment and tell us either what Colette patterns you’ve made (and what you think of them) or what Colette pattern you WANT to make! Extra (metaphysical) credit if you include a link to pictures (of the finished garment. Or duck billed platypuses.) Oh! And let us know if you’re going to do the sewalong with Gertie!

3. You MUST leave a comment to enter and include a way for me to contact you!!

That’s it. Share the Colette love. Ready… set…. GO!

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