Hey all! Just wanted to pass this on! The lovely Andrea at the New Vintage Wardrobe is hosting a flickr group for another month of picture-snapping and agonizing in front of the closet! Like many of you, I found Self Stitched September a fun challenge – I did SSS ‘lite’, wearing one handmade item a day. I was sad when it ended and May felt like too long to wait for the next one, so I was PSYCHED to see that someone else felt the same way! Among other things, DIY December will help me bulk up my sadly lacking winter wardrobe.

For those of you who aren’t up on your memes… Zoe, she of the striped shirts, leopard coats and awesome other things, and writer of ‘So Zo…’, spent March of this year wearing handmade garments every day and documenting it on her blog. Everyone thought it was so awesome, it turned into a group thing  in May of this year with sixty-some people wearing handmade items, blogging about it and getting to know each other. In September, more than 150 people joined in Self-Stitched September (I was one of them!) For me it was an excellent experience, forcing me to stretch everyday by not throwing on the closest and comfiest thing, spending a few evenings madly sewing something to wear the next day, and (almost) faithfully taking photos every single day and posting them.

Head on over to Andrea’s blog and join up! It’ll be a good way to stay sane through the holiday season!

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