OK folks, this working four hours a day is seriously impeding my, you know, messing around and blogging time. I’m low on blog subject matter. I was leaning towards a pictorial retrospective of Lucy the hound’s 30 months of life, but instead decided to head down guessing game lane. This time with some help. Here’s the hint. What am I making?

To help you out, the fabric on the right is a totally awesome ‘double gauze’ (what’s that you ask? I did too. Here’s a definition.)The fabric on the left – completely misrepresented by my night photography – is ‘ice pink’ satin.

So what am I making?? Is it…

Cinnamon. Flirty, fun, necessary slip and/or cami that could totally go under a jacket? Dare I say cool as ice?
small_1002-cover.png Chantilly. Clearly a dress made for both the flattering of me and the manipulation of double gauze??
Crepe. Sweet, simple. Buttons not required – a real draw.
  Sencha + Beignet. A classic combo and a shirt I’ve been lusting after…

Guess away! Correct guesses win my admiration, same as last time. Also, first thing tomorrow I’m choosing the winner of the Cupcake Goddess’s ham! If you haven’t yet, get your name in by midnight!

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