Every year at this time I get a little nuts. Something about the post-Christmas let down makes me anxious to start new projects. Last year we took down the Christmas tree ON CHRISTMAS DAY to start constructing our giant basset hound perch-slash-windowseat. This year I tried to convince Mr. Bug to start work on remodeling our basement (unsuccessfully, I might add) on the way home from the Christmas Day celebration at his parents’ house. All my angsty need to start something new has reminded me that I have quite a few unfinished projects to get to as well. Here’s my checklist for the next few days…

OK, here’s the skinny – going clockwise from the upper right photo…

Remember this skirt? Jenny’s weird cousin Bertha?? I LOVE this skirt and it’d be awesome for winter wear… if only I knew how to sew. I did venture out in this skirt once, but realized while out and about that there was something wonky with the vent. Further inspection revealed that I had flipped the vent to the wrong side… or alternately, cut the vent wrong in the lining, so the whole thing was twisted. I managed to rip the stitching out, but it’s been hanging in the sewing room for a month, waiting for a vent reattachment. A ventappendectomy.

Next up – my Mondo tribute skirt. This skirt has never even made it to primetime. I mentioned in my original post (I think) that the loose weave was difficult to work with and it didn’t even make it through the modeling stage. My thumbs went through the side seams of the waistband while tugging the skirt off and on. My plan is to cut a new waistband from scraps, interface fully (I was thinking of a fusible tricot, thoughts?) removing the current waistband and putting on the new one. Of course, this will be a giant pain, what with having to remove the zipper.

On to the beignet. I managed to get the wool sewn together, and stalled when faced with, um, the facings! And the lining. It’s all sitting in a basket, ready to go.

And finally a line drawing of a puppy sitting on a present (image courtesy of parenting-our-kids.com) – meant to represent a few last minute small gifts yet to be made with a due date of this weekend. And you guys thought Christmas gift mystery theater was closed for the year. Silly kittens.

So there it is. My dirty laundry and end of year assignments. Am I the only one with a pile of half-finished projects? I mean, I’m sure there’s TONS of yet-to-be started projects out there, but these are just taking up space in my head and in my sewing room!!

P.S. Other projects that didn’t make the official list due to a brief moment of clarity Mr. Bug’s coat, Parfait, new seam roll and tailor’s ham (I ripped mine apart to see how it was made) and new hand-pincushion (also dissected in the name of research!) We’ll tag those as January projects…

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