Farah! From Farah Makes Stuff. A Torontonian (OK, Canadianiacs, feel free to correct me on the correct name for a resident of Toronto…), stay at home mom, full-time grad student and Crepe sewalonger! I also noticed on her blog that she is already showing Oliver + S some love, so how perfect is this?

Your dream job responses were all AWESOME and I’ll be sorting through to decide on future dream jobs posts… and probably contacting a few of you! I’ve been all distracted by the giant amount of snow that fell on Minneapolis last Saturday. The plows finally toddled past our house this morning, so we were able to take the Subaru to Target, a huge relief for me, as I had only stocked only one gallon of half-and-half and it was close to running out! If I don’t have half and half, I don’t have coffee. And without coffee, I lack the will to go on. Also, my mom was in town. We made eight tomato pincushions, four Henrietta turtles and one apple. My fingers hurt. Also, turns out that my mom is fully capable of using MY computer, so she got a hint of her Christmas present after reading my last post! Last time I let the cat out of the bag prior to the gift giving occasion.

Thanks for playing along! And if you are having a hard time dealing with the letdown of not winning this giveaway, head on over to the Blue Gardenia learns to sow her blossoms to win your very own Crepe!

[Cars buried during the great storm. Really. Buried. That’s a street…]

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