Not really a heap. Just going to for the shock factor. Good news for Snug Bug readers… I treated myself to a tripod that works… although I think my previous hair clip tripod was ingenious. For whatever reason (akin, I’m sure, to the phenomena that makes computers work when tech support shows up) a lot of the lighting and focus problems that I was having before went away with the new tripod! I still took most of the photos in bad inside light, onaccounta the sun setting at 2:30 p.m. or thereabouts. Hopefully, my photos will be less frightening over the coming months… But enough about that, here’s my finished Parfait. Shockingly, I like the dress and the fabric. More on that (and pictures!) after the jump.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but this project started out as a project to sew a sample for the shop. I wanted to sew up something that would work well in the winter, so I chose Colette’s Parfait, because it can be worn as a pinafore over a long-sleeved affair. The fabric is a lightweight corduroy – also chosen to show how the dress works in the cold. We only have a few different cords at the shop, so this was pretty much the only option (the others just didn’t work for me as garment fabric.) I really thought the whole combo was alright, but wouldn’t be awesome. The fabric seemed too child-like and the Parfait hasn’t been a favorite of mine – something about the overall-like straps and bare skin gives me the willies. Now that it’s all done I have to completely disagree with my earlier self. Silly, silly self.  I love the cut of the dress and with a few more tweaks will definitely be making another version. And the fabric seems less goofy and elementary art class and more funky with a 60’s flower-power vibe that I like (it also makes me really want a pair of white go-go boots!) Here’s the shot from the side – this is a bit of an action shot, which makes the skirt flare in the back more than it does at rest.

And here’s the shot from the back – on future versions I’ll add an inch or so of ease to the hip area – this version is a bit more snug than is comfortable and you can see a bit of pulling in the small of my back. A bit more ease should take care of that nicely! Oh, summer tan… how I miss you.

Close up and personal

Once everything was put together and interfaced, the midriff band worked better than I expected! While it’s still not as snug against my ribcage as I’d like, it provides a lot of the definition I had in mind! (Also, hello cleavage! I’m wearing a cleavagey bra today.)

Here’s a close up of the side views and my super fried hair. I need a hair cut! I think the fit is good, although I still wish the middle of the hump part fit closer to the body!

I found some lovely bright pink vintage buttons at a local antique shop for the straps. I love vintage buttons in really vivid colors! A lot of what I find is so muted.

For dessert, a parfait served three ways…

I usually like to show finished garments shown worn three different ways – otherwise, the garment is not versatile enough, right? I felt a little silly doing it for the Parfait, but I’m nothing if not dogged in my determination to stick with an idea that doesn’t work! So here’s the Parfait three ways – there’s the ‘pinafore’ (worn over another shirt – not my favorite look and it doesn’t look like Lucy’s impressed either), my usual go-to look of dress + cardigan = true love and my yearning for summer look of no accessories except for pigs and flips.


So what would I do differently, if only I could? I’m glad you asked! First, as the last step of my alteration process, I added 3” to the skirt pieces (total.) That’s fine for the waist, but as I said above, I’d like a bit more ease about the hips – makes sense, my waist to hip ratio is larger than Colette’s. I also prefer my skirts a bit longer – this one is so flippy it could be a little indecent on a breezy day! There’s also a bit more in the bodice – the back is a little gaping, so I’ll pinch that out and the underarm area seems roomy, so I’ll investigate that as well!

A roundup

Here’s a full round-up of my Parfait posts (thus far…)

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For more notes on the pattern, check out my review on!

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