No sewing updates today! I found all the Parfait comments interesting – looks like I wasn’t the only one who questioned the dress!

Tonight was my first ‘official’ night of teaching a class at the shop where I work – Pajama bottoms! It was great fun and I’m looking forward to teaching more classes. The way it’s structured, I’ll be teaching classes already on the schedule as well as putting together some new classes. The all-Snug-Bug classes will start in February, first up will be a basic dress class (guess which favorite design we’ll be teaching?) and a full bust adjustment/alterations and tissue fitting workshop. We’re also starting a monthly pincushion workshop (that’ll veer into other soft squishy things, buttonhole stitching and felt obsession) that I’m going to be the ringleader of! Of which I’ll be the ringleader? Silly prepositional phrases! Here’s the sewing studio part of the shop – I love how this is just part of the shop, not stuck back in a classroom!!

Candidate for taping to the fridge…

On to other (still shop related) news… we were written up in a local magazine this month and I was tickled pink that my fun pincushion photos were prominently displayed! The reporter called us looking for a quick and easy project to include in her fun things to do pages and I had just finished my pincushion-making spree so that was at the top of our minds (is that a phrase of common usage, or did I just make it up?) I sent the reporter a few ideas, a fact sheet for pincushions and the photos – here’s a scan of the article! Fun! Also, I’m referred to as an “in-store expert” tee hee. (sorry it’s so hard to read!)


Oooooo… larkspur….

I suppose it was inevitable, working in an actual fabric shop, that I’d end up getting all giddy about new fabrics… we got some new Alexander Henry fabric (larkspur, for anyone interested) and I’m all gaga in love with it. There’s an extremely funky border print of which I already obtained three yards that will be made into a dress of some sort. Since it’s quilt-like cotton, I’m not sure about a full circle skirt (plus, I want to use the border on the BOTTOM of the skirt.) I’m considering making a Parfait from this fabric – I also got a yard of lovely coordinating turquoise voile for the lining of bodices and other fun things. Here’s a snapshot of the fabric, the colors are a little off. So funky!


The other fabric from the line that I have my eye on is this oh-so-unfortunately named Bird (or something) in soft nude (that’s the unfortunate part!) I love the colors and the fun graphic print! There’s a coordinating dusty pink print in the line that would make a lovely sash for a birdie Crepe!birds

Year of the dress update

Ah! But it is time to focus! I’ve cut the pattern for my year-of-the-dress dress – McCalls 5974. We had a bunch of good options for a knit dress at the shop – cool stretchy prints in unidentified man-made material – and it was on sale for $3.99 a yard! I’m still mulling over how much of an FBA to do (I hate baggy knits) and how to smooth out what promises to be maternity looking pleats right over the tummy area (Andrea! If you’re reading this I could use a consult! Email me!) I hope to get it cut out sometime in the next week and it’ll be a snap to sew, errrr… serge up!

And with that, I’ll sign off. More work in the morning – a first thing sewing lesson teaching a very funny, clever ten year old girl how to sew a pillowcase!

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