I had a busy day today, nearly finishing McCalls 5974 (only the neckline to finish!) and completely finishing my altered version of Kwik Sew 3003, a basic skirt, cut on the bias with an elastic waist. For anyone who reads my blog semi-regularly, you might be struck over the oddness of me making a bias-cut, elastic waistband skirt. This skirt is one of our beginning classes that I’m teaching next month, so I thought it’d be good to make it before teaching it! It’s a super easy skirt (ovb!) and the turtleneck pattern that also came in the envelope  looks like a nice basic as well. The fun part of the skirt was fulfilling my recent jonesing for a bright, funky explosion of a skirt. With embroidery. And layers. Here’s the only photo I could stand from the photo session.

OK, about the elastic waist. I can’t remember the last time I wore an elastic waist garment apart from my PJs. The puffiness, unflattering waist placement and general flare from my hips aren’t really a look that works on me, which is fine. I tried a few outfits that were a combo of the skirt, a tank and a cardi and they were all just lumpy city. I’ve always wished I could rock the slip-as-skirt look with a tank in the summer, but it’s just not for me! No matter – I still like the skirt for a little changearoo!

Here’s a shot of the envelope of the pattern – I made version B which has a center seam on the front and back.


I went with one of our Japanese fabrics for the skirt and when I was done decided to take it a bit further. One of our regular customers was in the other day and had on a cute skirt that was A-line and had two layers. I’ve been obsessing over the layer thing all weekend, so I decided to try it myself. I cut off about four inches of the skirt then cut a 8.5 inch strip of a coordinating print, finished the edges and topstitched the strip to the bottom of the skirt, overlapping by about 3 inches. Here’s a shot of the back of the skirt – you can see the bottom edge of the skirt (I finished by serging), the topstitched seam about 3 inches up and the little under-layer skirt.


I also made a little ‘vent’ in the back of the underlayer and used one of my funky stitches. I secured the top of the vent at the top using the same funky stitch. Yay fancy stitches – the savior of people like me who hate hemming!

So. My thirst for multiple prints and excessive embroidery having been sated, I will boldy go on to new projects. Tomorrow I’ll unveil the McCalls dress! And I’ve a pile of voile, a Pendrell pattern and a roll of wax paper just calling my name!

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