Yay! It’s done! The February dress. After the never-ending string of muslins, I just did one final tweak (shaving another inch or so from the bottom of the center of the front bodice piece) and went ahead with the real-life dress. Behold!

Oh! I lied! I also made a few more tweaks – I sewed the straps with a quarter inch seam allowance instead of the normal 5/8” – this widened the strap enough to hide my bra straps. I also accidentally sewed some of the seams on the bodice with a much wider seam allowance because I wasn’t paying attention to the settings on the sewing machine, so the bodice is a bit smaller than I intended.

Since the dress is so simple, I spent a bit of extra time hand sewing. I added some trim to the top of the bodice – partially for looks, and partially to reinforce the center seam of the bodice. The center front feels a bit flimsy, and since the bodice is so very fitted, I was concerned that it might actually rip. You can see the trim in this photo as well as how very fitted the bodice actually is. You can also get a nice view of my blotchy skin and freckles!

I lined the upper bodice and the skirt with lovely pink voile. The midriff is self lined – mostly to save a bit of money on the pricey voile! I wanted the dress to be comfy in warmer weather, so I wanted to stay away from slippery linings.

Here’s a shot of the inside back. I so, so love a fully lined dress. It’s so tidy inside! I mostly serged the seams of the dress – the very top, the darts and the waistband were sewn on a regular sewing machine. I struggled a bit to get the midriff lining nicely sewn in so that it didn’t cause any ripples pulling on the outside of the dress. Lots of pins and patience helped. I bet using an iron would have helped even more!

I hemmed the skirt with a narrow hem by sewing a quarter of an inch from the raw edge, turning on the seamline (using steam), sewing close to the edge, trimming the extra fabric, turning and steaming again and sewing close to the edge again. I hemmed the lining the same way and then sewed store-bought hot pink lace hem facing to the edge.

Here’s a shot of the back of the dress. Sort of.

And here’s a shot of the dress in motion, and a bit more of the side view.

Next time I make this dress, I’ll move the zipper to the side from the center back. Since it’s so fitted, it’s REALLY hard to yank on over my head or do the zipper on my own. Since I don’t have a ladies’ maid, a back zip is super inconvenient!

Ah! Year of the Dress. How I love you. Two months in… how time flies! When is spring going to get here? When? WHEN?? The year of the dress so far…

This dress is serving double-duty… not only is it my official February dress for my year of dresses, but I also chose the fabric to work with my palette for the Colette Spring Palette challenge. Once dress, two birds? Two stones dressed in a dress? Something like that. Here’s an update on my palette challenge…
coletteinspiration board copy

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