Greetings three toed sloths and aspiring nocturnal creatures. As those of you on Facebook may have seen, I’ve decided to try for more nonsensical posts rather than the sporadic production I’ve been engaging in lately. So here’s to nonsense!

I worked all day today and wore my wheatgrass blouse along with an el-cheapo black and white polka dot cardigan from Target. It’s cheap, ill fitting and looks strange when the knit is stretched, as the black part of the sweater is completely printed onto a white sweater knit. Nevertheless, I am constitutionally incapable of resisting a polka dotted sweater on sale, so it’s been hanging in my closet for months, only worn a few times. Here’s a super bad photo I snapped at the shop prior to the sweater surgery – sorry for the quality, my camera ran out of batteries so I was left with the very bad camera on my phone.

It really wasn’t that terrible, just a bit on the long side for my taste. Also, there was a wide band of ribbing on the bottom – pretty much all of the sweater below the green shirt is ribbing – that pulled the bottom of the sweater towards my back.

Since I don’t wear it often and it was bugging me, I decided to try to rectify the situation. I mean, the worst that would happen is that I’d go on rarely wearing it, right? Isn’t it fun that there’s a serger at my place of employment? AND I just happened to be using black thread, so it was already all set up with the right color! I set up the serger with a 4 thread overlock and shortened the stitch length to about 1 – close to the stitch length used for rolled hems. The other thing I did was crank the differential feed down a bit. If I had moved it up to 2.0, then the hem would have stayed nice and flat. Instead I lowered it to around 1.0 or .8 which made the hem more ruffly. I just serged along the top of the ribbing. Here’s the result…

(Guess who got home and charged her camera battery for a bit?!) I like this much better and will likely wear it a bit more often. I may serge the sleeve hems as well to make them ruffly. The shorter length is more my style. It still will likely remain a less-worn sweater – partially because of the rather limited chances to have these many polka dots on my body, but also because this is the absolute worst sort of black garment to wear around a white basset hound with a shedding problem.

In other news, here’s a Me-Made-March update. I’m still enjoying it, although I rarely wear all me-made in a day and will likely never do so. I like a lot of my RTW clothes – especially sweaters!

So far this month, my two favorite outfits are for sure the white sweater and skirt from the 21st – sigh, I so love that color combo – followed by the casual getup on the 22nd. I seriously have worn that stripey shirt to shreds and I live in the weird white wool sweater. It’s so cozy! Doing these me-made months sure would be easier in warmer weather!

OK, off to engage in more nonsense!

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