We interrupt your day with a special message for all you working pelicans! I recently passed the 200 follower mark (don’t any of you unfollow me now…) and while I really wanted to commemorate it with a barbeque, none of my friends are into blogging or sewing. Or barbequing in the snow, for that matter. Lucky for all of you, I cancelled the barbeque and instead set my sights on a GIVEAWAY!!

And thanks to the Cupcake Goddess, one lucky bird is about to win a wrist pincushion from her shop, A Fashionable Stitch! I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these since I interviewed Sunni all the way back in October; so you can bet your sweet pelican beaks I was doing the happy dance to see them available and adorable this morning!

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic              

Giveaway rules

Who can enter?

The giveaway is open to all, regardless of where you live.


What is being given away?

One ‘Chic’ wrist pincushion – pictured above, black and white cashmere with red wool felt accents. The wrist band will be made to your measurements and you can choose between the smaller or larger size cushion. For those of you interested in copying my every move, you’ll be happy to know that this is the style that I ordered today! We’ll have matching wrists! (or, well, hands. I wear mine on my hand.)

Full description of the wrist pincushions.


When is the giveaway over? When does it start?

Good questions. The giveaway starts as soon as you are done reading this post and ends Friday, April 15th at midnight. That’s right, you procrastinating US taxpayers. You will have to be sure to get to the post office AND enter the giveaway by midnight on Friday. If something’s gotta give, let it be the taxes. Winner to be announced Saturday, April 16th


Why give something away?

A joint celebration of the new addition to A Fashionable Stitch and my 200th follower! Also, we are very concerned that you may be keeping your pins in old yogurt containers. Or sticking them in the cat.


How do I enter?

Easy! All you have to do is leave your email and comment below with the answer to least one of the following questions:

  • Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome?
  • What is your current favorite blog (sewing or style related, please! And we already know you love the Cupcake Goddess and The Snug Bug, so leave us out of the running..)
  • What product should be up next for the Fashionable Stitch R&D department?

Obviously, you get extra existential credit for following The Cupcake Goddess and the Snug Bug on Facebook, in blogger, in your google reader, etc. but I’m not requiring it for entry in the giveaway. Email, though, is required!

Again, to enter: leave comment below and include your email address and the answer to at least one of the questions.

If I can easily find your email address by clicking on your name, that’s fine and you don’t have to include in the comments.


Can I see more pictures?

I thought you’d never ask…

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic     

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic    

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic

Special thanks to Sunni for sponsoring the giveaway!! And for making these lovely and practical pincushions!

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