Sorry honeybees. I can’t pass up a pun. I’m also a sucker for alliteration and knock knock jokes. Today’s post is all about an easy to sew skirt that has had my heart soaring with the eagles as well as mucking about in the depths with the, oh I don’t know. Mud-wallowing creatures, I guess.

I finished Kwik Sew 2954 today, a simple wrap skirt. A VERY simple wrap skirt. Here’s where the roller coaster ride came in. I made this skirt as a sample for a class I’m teaching at the shop in May. As an aside – we are teaching ALL SKIRT CLASSES in May! How fun is that? Anyway – clearly, a simple wrap skirt was a must to include in the lineup, but I have to admit that this isn’t a style to which I’ve ever been slavishly devoted; like, say…my friend the circle skirt. I picked out the fabric (this awesome birdcage print from Tina Givens!) and set out to give it a try.

Onto the first nice peak of the rollercoast… I checked out Pattern Review. I didn’t spend a lot of time, but the pictures I scanned made it clear that Kwik Sew 2954 was a skirt, not a glorified bathing suit coverup (although, it would be perfect for trips to the beach…) Also, I realized that it has darts, so there IS a bit of shaping. Once I started the skirt, though, I wasn’t so sure. There seemed to be an awful lot of fabric. I finished it up today while working at the shop and, ugh. lowest of low. It appeared to have the same shapeless, blocky, I just wrapped a towel around me vibe that I had associated with wrap skirts.

Let me offer my first bit of wrap skirt advice at this point: do not try it on OVER a denim skirt, tank top and cardigan. The results will not make you happy.

Nevertheless, the skirt was finished. There were pictures to take, blog posts to write and reviews to post. I went home and put on some black leggings and a black tank – the better to highlight the skirt, right? Also they very nicely set off my new polka dot wedges, which with a four inch heel are mysteriously as comfortable as flats. What’s the deal? In any case – the all black did the trick (well, and not wearing it over 3 layers of other clothes!) I really like the skirt a lot!

See? Not blocky. At least, not as much as I thought! It’s a nice simple little skirt – great for the summer. I’m also intrigued by the thought of making a few in different lengths and layering them (ignoring my previous tip to not wear this skirt OVER other skirts, of course…)

It’s got a bit of an a-line shape, once on, although the pattern pieces aren’t so very a-line-esque…


Here’s a nice close up so you can see the fabric’s detail. Aren’t those birds adorable? Also, there’s an ingenious optional step in the pattern to put a buttonhole in the waistband so that the longer tie that wraps all the way around you can go under the skirt and then come back out the buttonhole right where it ties. My buttonhole is on the right in the picture below – it’s a bit hard to see because I used pink thread and it is right on one of the pink birds. Let me assure you that was completely intentional…

The finishing is pretty minimal for the skirt. I serged the bottom edge of the facing and the bottom hem. The sides are hemmed with a 1/2” hem, folded in twice and topstitched. The easy finishing and absence of finicky fastenings are part of what makes the skirt such a breeze to sew up.

As you all may or may not know… I like to prove that each new garment is flexible enough to attend three events. I wasn’t too confident about this one – there’s something about wrap skirts that begs for afternoons at the beach! PLUS, I picked such a loud, goofy print I thought I’d have to keep it pretty casual. I was pleasantly surprised, though!

First, I kept the leggings and and tank and added a leather jacket and some boots with heels. This is very night out, isn’t it? At least drinks after work or dinner with Mr. Bug. Who hasn’t seen the skirt yet but will likely fall in love with the birds and want to name them all…

I got a nice unintentional shot of the back here… the little wrap part is looking quite saucy in this picture, isn’t it?

Next I switched to bare legs, riding-boot-wannabes, a flouncy tank and a cardigan. Certainly perfect for my current job, but totally doable at my last office job as well. At least for a Friday.

The skirt, however is likely most happy in its natural habitat, casual and free. Begging for a trip to the beach! Perhaps I am projecting.


So there we are. Learn something new every day. Today’s lesson, unfortunately, is one I keep RE-learning. Stop judging a pattern by its envelope art and/or previous RTW ill-fitting counterparts.



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