Nine! says NINE!! Let’s see… Claire, Jadestar, Jade, Leanne, Evie, Shannon, Taran, Laura… HEATHER!! Heather is number nine and the winner! She is also the lovely author of Sewing on Pins. Graduate student AND, as she pointed out in her comment, one of the early followers of my blog. Back then we were cross stitching and playing an online D&D game. Not really. I just wish it were true! Here’s what she won!

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic


Thanks so much for all the great comments! It sounds like there’s a lot of demand for a needle book from A Fashionable Stitch – we’ll have to wait and see what’s next!

I don’t know about all ya’ll, but I really enjoyed reading through everyone’s favorite blogs! Casey’s Elegant Musings, Tasia’s Sewaholic and Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing were mentioned countless times, as were the group blogs Sew Retro, Refashion Co-Op and Mena’s blog and community, The Sew Weekly. I’ve compiled a list of the rest of the suggestions – hopefully I got ‘em all! There were a few new too me, but they’re all getting added to my google reader! I’ve listed them roughly in the order mentioned in the comments – sorry if I missed something!

Thanks everyone for playing and special thanks to Sunni for sharing her pincushion goodness!

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oonaBalloona from kalkatroona

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kbenco’s projects

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Sew Misunderstood Fatshion for Wayward Girls

Sewing on Pins

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Esme and the Laneway

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