Evening velociraptors! While you were all out attacking innocent dino-tourists with your fearful talons, I was busy rearranging my blog and finally gathering up my Me-Made-March photos Here’s my month in review…

Funny how blogging can change a girl, isn’t it? A few years ago posting a collage of 30-some photos of my moon-face would have rated right up there with trips to the dentist and sweatshirts embellished with puffy sparkle fabric paint. Now it’s not a bother at all, in fact I enjoy the chance to pore over my wardrobe choices to see what works (the 21st) and what doesn’t (the 20th, ugh.)


  • 14 Me-Made shirts
  • 4 Me-Made dresses
  • 5 Me-Made cords/jeans/pony pants
  • 5 Me-Made skirts
  • 6 Restyled and/or altered garments
  • 2 Me-Made coats/jackets
  • 1 Me-made apron
  • 1 set up Me-Made PJs, worn to death. must replace.

Not too shabby! Much better than Self Stitched September’s wrapup

The Best, the Worst and heading to Goodwill…

  • Best daytime look – the 16th
  • Best Night look – the 21st
  • Oddest look – the 26th
  • Can’t believe I left the house like that look – the 20th
  • Best mix of comfy and cute – the 24th

What I learned from Me-Made-March

  • There’s nothing like a month of trying to wear me-made stuff to distract you from finishing your Spring Palette Challenge.
  • I love my RTW and will never completely leave it behind.
  • Makingr jeans rules.
  • I love to wear white on top, beige on the bottom (7th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 20th, 23rd…)
  • Must build up stockpile of scarves, belts, and cute footwear that works in snow.
  • I don’t really like sewing cold-weather clothing.
  • I feel better if I try to trade up just a bit from my uniform of jeans/shorts/skirt; tank/turtleneck; cardigan; flips flops/uggs…
  • Participating in self-made months like this is completely engrossing for me and revs my mind into overdrive.

What’s next?? A sister-blog possibly temporary revamp…

I’m not sure if this is really Me-Made March driven, or just the result of the seasonal restlessness that I suffer from every September and March, but I’ve been thinking a lot about style recently. I mentioned in yesterday’s post my obsession with wardrobe capsules and the accompanying fascination with accessories, and a bit of a fixation on ‘classic’ wardrobe pieces. I know for sure that I’ll miss the daily pictures and quick flickr post showing what I had on that day. The act of photographing and posting simultaneously goads me into dressing with a bit more attention while allowing me to be a bit more analytical about what I put on – I mean, I spend time downloading the picture and running it through Photoshop so it looks nicer. Since I liked the daily posting so much, I decided to convert my other blog, snugbug365 into a daily what-I’m-wearing blog – I hesitate to call it a style blog, as I’m pretty lacking (most of the time) in any particular style, and I’ll be using the blog to help me in my ongoing process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t work for me.

I started snugbug365 at the beginning of the year as a 365 project – a picture a day sort of thing. I enjoyed it immensely during January, but got a little bored in February. Probably because I couldn’t really go outside to take photos. I kept up (more or less) with snapping photos, but was slower in posting them. During March I barely snapped any photos, as I was distracted by the Me-Made happenings. I just updated the site today with photos from the last month and then did a bit of arranging to make it more workable for what I have in mind – daily posts with a list of sources regarding either where I got the item (especially if it’s a extra helpful item, like extended calf boots or bracelets big enough for bigger hands and wrists) or a link back to the blog post here if I made the item. I thought about doing the posts here on this blog, but I really do try to keep this blog more sewing related. I’m sure not all of my regular (sporadic?) readers want to be bored with my newest narcissistic blog project. And who know, maybe another month of this will get boring too and I’ll spend the remaining 245 days of the year posting a platypus of the day picture. In the meantime, I will attempt to have fun!

And with that, I’m for bed, dear ferocious dino-beasts. You may be the size of turkeys, but you are truly terrifying.

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