Hey there foxes! I have a confession. I’ve got nothin’ for you tonight. Well, nothing photographed. I’ve got a Pendrell ready for picture time, though, so hopefully I’ll get to that sometime this weekend! And I’m working on samples for my classes in May, so there’ll be pictures of those as well… I’m closing up for the week with pictures of what I’ve been wearing in April. You can see from the sweater-love that the weather has stayed pretty chilly here in the great white north. It was in the 70’s last weekend, but they’re threatening snow tonight.

For those of you who are unaware…I’ve been taking a photo of my daily wearables. Some days – notably, the days I’m off from work and home doing chores and sewing – are clearly much more boring than other days!  The pictures, along with details on the clothes, are posted at my ‘sister blog’ snugbug365.

So with that, happy Friday. May your weekend be full of warm weather, flawless stitching and miraculous shoe sales. Mine will be full of working at the shop, hoping for no snow and teaching my favorite class, Sewing Essentials, tomorrow night!





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