Greetings hoary marmots. Can I just call you whistle pigs? You guys sure are cute – but have you considered that if you gave up the whole hibernating thing you’d have seven or eight extra months to sew? Let’s get to it you adorable ground squirrels…

Tonight’s post is low on content, photos and general interest… sorry marmots! I let the day get away from me and then headed out to Frocktails – a kickoff event for the Summer of Dresses. What’s that, you ask? It’s pure fun. Simply put, it’s a bunch of girls wearing dresses because they’re awesome (the girls and the dresses) and posting pictures of them (the pictures are all posted to this blog.) It’s not really a sewing thing, although I’m sure some of the girls sew. I’m all for anything that encourages more dresses! Tonight we marked the beginning of the summer of the dress by drinking wine, snacking and chatting at a cute little place by the Mississippi river. There are pictures! Here are me and Laura, fellow instructor at Sewtropolis and master sewist. Check out her skirt – I remember it’s a New Look pattern, but don’t remember the number! Japanese fabric ya’ll! Awesome!


Here’s a (small) group photo of some of the marmots at the festivities… lovely, aren’t they? You can see that summer has clearly not made its way to Minnesota yet. And aren’t those dots on Lauren’s dress (on the left) awesome-o?

There were a lot more people out for frocktails – we’d just snuck outside for optimal photo taking. The next photo totally cracked me me up – here’s Meghan, one of the wranglers of the evening, posting pictures to Twitter on her magic phone. In the background Lauren is showing off some dress-related-joy!

You marmots are not going to believe this, but right after this photo was snapped a duck flew STRAIGHT into a glass window right by us! There were sound effects! Quack quack quack…bonk. Luckily the window remained intact and the poor duckie recovered and flew off, otherwise I’d have been tempted to bring Lucy a new friend to snuggle with!

That’s it for the pictures. Sorry I’m coming up so short tonight! It was a fun night and I’m happy to see all the dress love out there. Sewing-obsessed marmots such as myself sometimes get tunnel vision and assume that a full circle skirt dress with a perfectly fitted bodice is the preferred errand running uniform of the masses and that is simply not the case. But they’re out there, my pretties, they’re out there…

…speaking of which! I already bragged on Facebook, but I got picked for April’s Best of Burda list! Of course, it was that crafty little lotus skirt that made the cut. Nevertheless I’m totally blown away at being in the company of such talented marmots! If you’re a member, go vote for the ground squirrel of your choice!

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