Special weekend greetings, little birdies! I’m slogging my way through yet another technology-based medium… Twitter. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve had a twitter account set up for quite some time (I’m pattythesnugbug) and at SOME point I managed to set up my Snug Bug Facebook page to talk to twitter… and that was it. I added the twitter feed to the sidebar of the blog, since I thought it was a good way to show my Facebook status updates here, but I never EVER actually went to twitter. Funny side note – also at some point, I managed to set up my twitter profile so I got texts of messages that were in response to one of MY twitter updates (that were actually Facebook updates.) So I would get texts out of the blue that started with an ‘@’ and I’d have NO idea where they came from. It’s true little birdies, I am occasionally befuddled by modern day communication….

A week or two ago, I decided to either figure out how to use Twitter more effectively than just reposting Facebook updates, or I’d deactivate my account. I downloaded a Twitter client for my iPod and started to play with it. I’m beginning to see the charm of Twitter – it’s more conversational than Facebook and I’ve been using it for more fun, transitional stuff than what I put on Facebook.  But I don’t feel like I’m totally GETTING it, so I thought I’d ask all of you! Here are my main questions…

1. who should I follow? I click on people if I see them and recognize their names, but other than that….

2. What is the deal with the @ sign?

3. What is the deal with the # tag thing?

4. Is it a tweet? A twitter update? Something else? Lingo please!?

5. What are good ways to have facebook, twitter and blogger talk to each other? I currently have the Facebook app set up to publish Facebook status updates to Twitter. And I think that blog posts automatically publish to twitter, but that may be due to magic, as I’m not sure how I might have set that up. Sigh.

So c’mon birdies, share your Twitter lore – even if you don’t use it for your blog, all knowledge is worth having, right? Comment below or email me if you have super top secret information that is not appropriate for the general public…

That is all, please resume your weekend nest building!

[Gratuitous baby photo of Lucy when she was a 10-pound-hound]

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