Good morning flying squirrels! Does all that extra skin make it hard to fly? Our basset hound has a lot of extra skin too, could you give her some flying lessons?

I had a hard time getting photos taken for snugbug365 this week – last night I took three days worth of daily outfit pictures! I managed, but barely…

Row 1: Saturday day | Saturday nite | Sunday

Row 2: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday

Row 3: Thursday | Thursday action shot | Friday

All the gory details can be found on snugbug365!

And now, tidbits I found interesting on the googles this week!!


Lace-trimmed Bias Binding!


[image curves, patterns and pins]

Reana Louise from Curves, Patterns and Pins showed off her lovely lace-trimmed bias binding. I liked her method of attaching the lace, a technique that she based on Tasia’s bias tape tutorial from the Pendrell sewalong!


Wet-Blocking Knits


[image By Gum, By Golly]

Tasha of By Gum, By Golly has been leading the Briar Rose Knitalong. I haven’t been following super closely, but this picture-heavy wet-blocking tutorial caught my eye. I haven’t been knitting a lot lately, but when I DO knit, I use a blocking method that I’m sure would make most knitters cringe (there’s a wet washcloth and an iron involved.) Wet blocking seems difficult, messy and, well, messy to me. After reading the tutorial I’m not so scared! (oh! and BTW, if you missed it, Andrea from the New Vintage Wardrobe posted her completed Briar Rose sweater yesterday! It’s adorable!)


A no-brainer tip that never, EVER occurred to me…


[image Gorgeous Things]

Let’s just get it out of the way… Ann over at Gorgeous Things shared this brilliant tip: make your skirt before your bodice so the bias has a chance to hang out while you complete the dress. Seriously people, I bet most of you love that 50’s style dress with the full skirt that needs to hang before it gets hemmed, so this should be super applicable. It has never occurred to me to get the skirt out of the way first! Or, is everyone doing this and I’m just slow on the uptake??


the question – to jump or not to jump

Finally… what are all ya’ll all flying squirrel’s thoughts on inserting the ‘read more’ break in blog posts. Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? I realized this week that I insert them because I hate scrolling through my blog looking for a post from last week. But most of you probably aren’t doing that on my blog! I generally read most blogs via Google Reader, so the jump isn’t even an issue, but for those who read blogs by going to the website, do you prefer the quick view and you click for the rest, or is it annoying to have to do the extra click to read the full post?? Let me know!

And with that squirrleypoos, I’m outta here. We are low on the plans for the holiday weekend. Some gardening, measuring the basement to make a working floor plan for a potential renovation, a little bit of work at the shop, a bike ride with Mr. Bug, party at the neighbor’s and lots of sewing are in store for me! See you next week!


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